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Answer: Olivia Wilde ^.^
Answer: my pretty
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Gyllenhaal against a wall<3
Answer: Justin Hartley wearing a dark blue t-shirt
Answer: Tony in Merlin BBC
Answer: Cult is too cool
Answer: Cam in a blue t-shirt<3
Answer: tom
Answer: Mark Salling!
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Jake Miller.
Answer: Freddie raposa since 2009
Answer: Mann
Answer: rob in denim
Answer: Nico Tortorella seriously has some of the greatest...
Answer: His voice makes me calm <3
Answer: my gorgeous babe with his eyes closed<3
Answer: amor him<3
Answer: gaio, jay and Misha
Answer: light on Teddy's eyes
Answer: Alessio Boni
Answer: Tony has some brown spots in his left eye
Answer: *_*
Answer: perfect <3
Answer: Happy Birthday MannBoo<3
Answer: amazeball
Answer: My orangeee man<3
Answer: after he managed to kill 5 people in one day, he fi...
Answer: he's a blonde obviously
Answer: Hartnett
Answer: Jodi wears a lot of make-up
Answer: my yummy Theo in glasses<3
Answer: Rachelle LeFevre from my fave tv show,Under the Dom...
Answer: Taylor in plaid<3
Answer: Raffaello Balzo!
Answer: Aston Merrygold.
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jamie sitting on a chair<3
Answer: Nemily
Answer: Jamie Dornan looking very hot in those jeans<3
Answer: Pokora
Answer: my sexy British poser<3
Answer: so creepy haha
Answer: <3
Answer: the sassy Mr. Gold
Answer: Julian Gil.
Answer: Dominic Sherwood.
Answer: so sick! amor it XD
Answer: his beautiful laugh is música to my ears<3
Answer: Capt.Jack!
Answer: <3
Answer: Nolan Ross!!
Answer: !
Answer: my sexy ginger head Robert<3
Answer: David has cute ones <3
Answer: too perfect
Answer: my sexy,shirtless British sofá potato<3
Answer: Ben
Answer: Matthew Lawrence!! <33
Answer: Lucky
Answer: my poor Bobby - he was betrayed again and again...
Answer: John wearing blue :)
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Chris Evans!!
Answer: Adam Gregory.
Answer: aww Tony
Answer: :P
Answer: the sexy Chris Hemworth<3
Answer: my babe shaving his stubble<3
Answer: Paul Walker in a tank top<3
Answer: my Irish babe,Jamie wearing a scarf<3
Answer: Jb!
Answer: my love,Robert holding my other love,Kristen in a s...
Answer: My David ;)
Answer: play from 0:40
Answer: BOW
Answer: golden haired angel...GBNF<3
Answer: Eddie Redmayne
Answer: yummy Luke in black<3
Answer: Robert looking serious...seriously hot<3
Answer: ohhh Gabe
Answer: Gabriel !!
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: how can you not amor this smile?<3
Answer: JB!
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: baby
Answer: Zac Efron!
Answer: Liam Hemsworth <3
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: David Tennant
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: I cant tell you how much I amor them
Answer: David
Answer: JB!
Answer: amor that style so much <3
Answer: Matthew is super, mega, mighty cute!!! <33333333
Answer: but cool
Answer: Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson fã art.This is wick...