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Answer: :3
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Chris towering over his wife,Elsa<3
Answer: Ben Knepper and his mum
Answer: Luke!
Answer: my baby in a scene from Remember Me holding a penci...
Answer: here is a very sexy manip of my Robert with his han...
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Ian Harding.
Answer: my baby in a classroom,in a scene from Twilight<3
Answer: Pokora!!
Answer: John Barrowman XD
Answer: Robbie <3 with blue housecoat
Answer: OH :O
Answer: Taylor in abduction
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Alain
Answer: That's how John feels like
Answer: Angie and David Bowie
Answer: hair porn at its sexiest<3
Answer: all you need to do to dress up the scenery is my se...
Answer: Stunning!
Answer: Sid
Answer: josh holloway
Answer: Jamie in a white shirt<3
Answer: Justin on "Passions", wearing sexy blue shorts
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: gotta be Labyrinth xD
Answer: Just for his own entertainment
Answer: Bieber Babe.
Answer: Jamie from the side<3
Answer: Matt B looking up<3
Answer: Jeremy Renner.
Answer: Cjh!
Answer: Jar *_*
Answer: Cam from the side<3
Answer: amor his hands ALOT
Answer: Hee hee...
Answer: Cam Gigandet,one of my topo, início 10 hotties in a fedora<3...
Answer: this time tony <33
Answer: John Barrowman for Children In Need :P
Answer: his metallic shiny blues <3
Answer: Sherlock Holmes Shoes from Etsy *-*
Answer: Xavier Dolan
Answer: Toby Stephens
Answer: Bowie urso <3
Answer: ML<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Happy Birthday Gorgeous Mikey.
Answer: Too hot to handle!! <33333
Answer: Eugene Simon.
Answer: zoomed on my Knepper-bear
Answer: le god
Answer: Robert in a scene from New Moon showing his sexy ne...
Answer: Leto arms
Answer: John and Jack!
Answer: his ribs show a lot if he was shirtless from time t...
Answer: Ryan McPartlin looking fly!
Answer: robo in a black room
Answer: Liam!! :*
Answer: got an Arqueiro in hand, you can't really see
Answer: so sad I'll never see him live his concerts must h...
Answer: Daniel showing some of his fingers<3
Answer: nawwww<3
Answer: Tony mural is used to use lol
Answer: New M/DA poste rwhich is EPIC
Answer: some designer had taste there
Answer: He will always have my coração and my love...FOREVER<...
Answer: all the party people raise your hands xD
Answer: purple striped camisa
Answer: my sexy babe with buildings in the background<3
Answer: he's butt ugly there, but it's my ALL-TIME favourit...
Answer: my gosh...how old was he there? 60! DAMN *_*
Answer: Colton<3
Answer: Ian with a sweetie cutie
Answer: Dave looking mighty handsome <33333
Answer: neck of my dreams *_*
Answer: well, Rob likes what he sees! lol XD
Answer: Ryan gosling, ganso <3
Answer: My adorable sweetie when he was a little amendoim <33...
Answer: Matt.
Answer: Padalecki<3
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness!
Answer: JB!
Answer: my #1 hottie,Robert with one of my other topo, início 10 hot...
Answer: Johnny Depp...I just don't find him hot at all
Answer: Tobey!
Answer: Stephen Amell
Answer: my handsome Robert with a book<3
Answer: tom welling
Answer: what a pout haha
Answer: Director!Jensen with Mark Shepherd
Answer: Mitch<3
Answer: <3333
Answer: :*
Answer: whatever this is
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: imo, yep
Answer: Robert with his WFE co-star,Reese Witherspoon<3
Answer: Ashton <3