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Answer: lol sorry. best manip ever XD
Answer: Brock Kelly with Colin Ford from Supernatural. Broc...
Answer: my sweet Bobby (in front) with Johnny Lee Miller ("...
Answer: Sam Claflin with a funny expression on his face<3
Answer: god
Answer: Hrithik!!!
Answer: he loves doing such Wing Chun moves ^^
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in a plain white shirt...but he...
Answer: serious(ly) sexy<3
Answer: Colton Haynes/
Answer: Cutie
Answer: Dia das bruxas Buffy
Answer: Marco Dapper<3
Answer: Zac is so dreamy <3
Answer: Mariano Di Vaio - Model/Actor
Answer: sweet sweet Bowie button
Answer: my sexy British babe in a black shirt,and looking m...
Answer: John Barrowman with an laranja sweater♥
Answer: my sexy babe has a face cameras just love<3
Answer: Me and Jake Quickenden on Sunday at the meet and gr...
Answer: bossy
Answer: smooth babe ♥♥♥
Answer: sexy man! *-*
Answer: sleepy Bow
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Mariano Di Vaio
Answer: Lucky
Answer: my handsome,sexy vampire looking to the side<3
Answer: my beauty
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: my amor
Answer: cillian murphy
Answer: BJ look
Answer: Jared
Answer: Zac looking sexy in a tie
Answer: Mikey with his costar from Terriers, Donal Logue
Answer: HAHAH NO!!
Answer: Tony
Answer: BP
Answer: Downey with Sting ... and Jackman too! :D
Answer: Matt has sexy legs :)
Answer: loved that suit
Answer: bluest eyes I know
Answer: Max Emerson.
Answer: here is a scene from Magic Mike with one of its sta...
Answer: my <3 looking at us :)
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: my sexy,tall glass of water drinking a glass of wat...
Answer: I always have my selfmade Jodis as wall, no Rob :/
Answer: Calm down there Hiddles
Answer: since the 90s he does
Answer: my red nosed Rob-reindeer<3
Answer: Jared
Answer: A vid of Rob. I can´t play saxophone
Answer: Matthew at age 5-6 years old with his older brother...
Answer: he always looks amazing to me<3
Answer: John and Emma.
Answer: Grant Gustin<3
Answer: my magician <3
Answer: Captain Jack and Rose!
Answer: he's killing me with that sexy,serious expression<3...
Answer: Conchy stands out <3
Answer: Aidan Gillen
Answer: :)
Answer: Mannnnnn
Answer: <3
Answer: Liam looking good in that denim! (Photo cred t...
Answer: sexy sexy sexy Teddy
Answer: :D:D:D
Answer: hot Jen
Answer: Leo's co-star, Kate winslet :)
Answer: John shirtless while working on his muscles :)
Answer: my man
Answer: amor this series :D
Answer: there's billions of Bowie merch
Answer: As always ;)
Answer: here is mine of Robert Pattinson leaning his head
Answer: Zac skateboarding
Answer: Andy Whitfield
Answer: haha as if he put his finger into the electrical ou...
Answer: Matthew looking at Rachel McAdams, he's hoping she...
Answer: Jensen
Answer: my baby as Edward,in a scene from New Moon scrunchi...
Answer: <3
Answer: My Baby smiling. <3333333
Answer: call him David BLowie sometimes...
Answer: Hi darlings. I'm back... after buried my old PC and...
Answer: granda <333333
Answer: best cheekbones eva imooooo
Answer: I wanna wreck his ball ;)
Answer: Leto
Answer: Balian Buschbaum - athlete he used to be A WOMAN :...
Answer: Jared with a red Hugo bottle<3
Answer: the 1st one captures his likeness and the 2nd one h...
Answer: Jen❤
Answer: Matthew's co-star, Ben Savage screaming the topo, início of...
Answer: <3
Answer: newest Jodi pic <3
Answer: I made it :)
Answer: Jb