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Answer: hah xD
Answer: cute RK
Answer: Brant Daugherty!
Answer: I amor this BD 2 promo pic of Edward and Bella<3
Answer: Aidan in Mister John
Answer: my Robert suave from the side<3
Answer: CJH<3
Answer: Jared + bra
Answer: Lee Pace <3
Answer: a fã leaning on his shoulder he looks so creepy t...
Answer: I respect this guy so much. For everything hes done...
Answer: I ♡ Taylors hair in this pic
Answer: haha looking silly and still hot ^^
Answer: pup
Answer: Nolan Funk!
Answer: kellan lutz with brown hair
Answer: *faints*
Answer: JB
Answer: my British babe is endlessly handsome<3
Answer: haha guess - who's Rob xD ? it's quite easy isn't...
Answer: my angel Tony
Answer: John Barrowman - First time ive saw it on him but i...
Answer: so cute :3
Answer: my gorgeous British babe,Robert with his Twilight S...
Answer: He's cool
Answer: Captain Hardness.. Sorry i meant Captain Jack of...
Answer: Adam Gregoryyyy
Answer: Rob & Jodi = <3
Answer: D': always crying when watching that scene :'((
Answer: Dave in a striped tie & jaqueta
Answer: Alex Watson.
Answer: Gabe and Connor Paolo
Answer: Prison Break. best show ever <333
Answer: I think Robert Pattinson is an amazing actor,but I'...
Answer: walking out his cell door
Answer: So many great pictures but I guess I'll go with thi...
Answer: Robert wearing a topo, início hat in Bel Ami<3
Answer: Dominic's amazing eyes<3
Answer: Doctor Who cast!
Answer: Jon K!
Answer: ^^ :§
Answer: :'/// that makes me nearly cry too!
Answer: my Robert with bare feet.Even his feet are sexy.You...
Answer: the ultimate inspiration,Jesus Christ,who looks a l...
Answer: GQ magazin 2013 :)
Answer: I think Manu Bennett is gorgeous, just me? Oh okay...
Answer: ....LOL
Answer: owh wanna touch! :O
Answer: sean o'donnell!<3
Answer: Power Rangers Samurai Cast!!!!
Answer: I want to suck on that ear!!!!! :P
Answer: my angry urso <33
Answer: Close on the urge of death.
Answer: my violent Teddy
Answer: yum yum
Answer: Justin!
Answer: sweet face
Answer: slowly falling asleep
Answer: ET
Answer: sweetie hugging Shane Black *-*
Answer: Tony & Robbie but Tony sings better por miles
Answer: awwwwwwww
Answer: amor tired Knepper-bear
Answer: new RK
Answer: Hayden ღ
Answer: Knepper sombrero
Answer: RDJ
Answer: my baby in a scene from BD part 1 fixing his cuffli...
Answer: ;D
Answer: Christian in his "playroom" jeans<3
Answer: <3
Answer: my beautiful babe in blue<3
Answer: Jb.
Answer: huh? :/
Answer: Loving the iphone case *_* and his camisa :)
Answer: sexy boy *-*
Answer: I amor his arms :P
Answer: Robert Downey Jr.
Answer: Taylor :) x
Answer: Bradley cooper
Answer: lots of veins <3
Answer: Rob´s girlfriend looking at him
Answer: Ashton <3
Answer: that cute pout <333 funny and sweet
Answer: Chazz
Answer: sitting pretty
Answer: taken from the CULT trailer
Answer: RDJ
Answer: Jared *_*
Answer: Nick Roux!
Answer: *_*
Answer: Justin and a cake - can't decide who's sweeter...
Answer: Sexy John ;)
Answer: pup
Answer: Leto stubble
Answer: cutie
Answer: Taylor Lautner since his twilight days. Used to ha...
Answer: Justin doing a handstand in "Wither"
Answer: RJ so sweet
Answer: Matthew as Simba <3