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Answer: Adorable Ryan and his dog!
Answer: My yummy Knepper
Answer: DB<3
Answer: Matthew with Rachel McAdams in The Hot Chick. <33
Answer: my Robert wearing a ring(on his pinkie)<3
Answer: zegs
Answer: John Barrowman and Scott Gill♥
Answer: looking at John
Answer: Ziggy
Answer: amor that
Answer: My poor Baby :(
Answer: Small pic... but still hot!
Answer: Matthew shirtless and looking over his shoulder ♥...
Answer: wearing the same camisa and the same calças, calça, para calças in a ph...
Answer: :P
Answer: Capn Dave
Answer: Nolan!
Answer: JRM looking especially hot!
Answer: okay, it is Clara's carrying umbrella, but I have n...
Answer: he's too awesome to his fãs
Answer: LLYPADALECKI'S amor with my man and also Doodlebug8...
Answer: better go, get your shades
Answer: D
Answer: Taylor Daniel Lautner! amor
Answer: Matthew's sexy chin!!! :P
Answer: Sexy Matt :)
Answer: Robbie + ring
Answer: Dave
Answer: alex pettyfer
Answer: my beloved Billy Grimm
Answer: JB
Answer: Bill Kaulitz
Answer: Robert Knepper/Sid Rothman from Mob City. He's laug...
Answer: my Bobby from below ♥
Answer: This is not the real frases but it's funny
Answer: angel <3
Answer: my gorgeous man <33
Answer: my sweet cannibal babe ♥
Answer: Knepper is the hottest guy after Tony Head XD
Answer: so handsome
Answer: naughty Robbie
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Matthew looking puzzled and confused. :)
Answer: can't get enough of Ty Shields
Answer: :))
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in a yellow t-shirt<3
Answer: I´m out of shirtless pics of Rob. He needs to take...
Answer: Anthony Head
Answer: my 2nd fave Brit,Orlando Bloom with brown eyes<3
Answer: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto
Answer: Leo <3
Answer: My bruised baby
Answer: Check out the pecs on Twilight estrela Kellan Lutz<3
Answer: Smith
Answer: Rob and Marshall Allman
Answer: sweety
Answer: Friends, one of my favorito shows. :)
Answer: David <3
Answer: Ashton Kutcher sitting at the edge of a pool
Answer: the beard seems so - perfect?
Answer: Rob with green eyes
Answer: Torchwood cast.
Answer: Happy Birthday David!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Aaron Paul. <3
Answer: looks CAN kill
Answer: Jared
Answer: Bowser
Answer: David T<3
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Bowie pores
Answer: JB
Answer: Ryan Phillipe, Robert Knepper and Adrien Brody
Answer: I just happened to come across this very cool image...
Answer: doing a photoshoot maybe?? dunno yet
Answer: nawww
Answer: Rob and his son Indio <33
Answer: chris brown
Answer: my cutie
Answer: this swagga Rob
Answer: lol we miss some
Answer: my sweetheart looking very shocked...not to mention...
Answer: Zac looking hot as usual
Answer: Malcolm Merlyn!
Answer: Jensen as Dean Winchester in sobrenatural :)
Answer: I posted a pic on his actual birthday,but here's an...
Answer: Colton Haynes.
Answer: ...
Answer: Chris striking a hot pose<3
Answer: oh Tony ... *-*
Answer: always my Billy
Answer: Gareth the goat!
Answer: uva costume
Answer: Rob acts like someone and Ellen does have to guess...
Answer: Brandon Beemer<3
Answer: robert_downey_jr.
Answer: N'aww please let me cuddle him! :3
Answer: my handsome Robert sitting on a stool<3
Answer: DB
Answer: Rob Pattinson<3