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Answer: Justin is canadian<3
Answer: Jensen and Misha leitura FSOG and Fifty Shades Dark...
Answer: Kev Zegers
Answer: lol Robbie thinks that very often
Answer: Matt being funny and crazy
Answer: my baby looking up<3
Answer: my sexy babe with facial hair<3
Answer: beijar Gabriel Mann
Answer: DB <3
Answer: Dougie P!
Answer: my poor honey <33
Answer: Sakis Rouvas and his wife Katya Zigouli
Answer: My god... err Rob
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: Matthew showing plenty of skin. :)
Answer: JF<3
Answer: Misha wearing a red tie
Answer: those hair! **
Answer: he doesn't even have to try,because he is and alway...
Answer: awww
Answer: Jared for gay marriage
Answer: Rob, seriously she has to go to work now
Answer: David's stunning princess who I dearly love, Lexi <...
Answer: Kevin :P
Answer: uff my dreamy
Answer: Barrowman
Answer: <3
Answer: the German actor Roy Peter Link
Answer: this one is in my calender for this ano
Answer: AHH Jared :O
Answer: Jamie in b&w<3
Answer: my honey
Answer: amor those pearly whites<3
Answer: posing with his Joey
Answer: Tay mocking Marie
Answer: Lucas Medeiros
Answer: Roobieeeee
Answer: Gabe
Answer: my dark and sexy British babe<3
Answer: Matthew's manly elbow <333333
Answer: Nico Tortorella
Answer: Cheesy grin
Answer: couldn't agree mais
Answer: John Barrowman with fruity drinks ;)
Answer: easy xD
Answer: Robert's Twilight character,Edward with blood<3
Answer: So cute
Answer: there is nothing plain about my sexy Mr.Pattinson<3...
Answer: Jared
Answer: taylor
Answer: Scott's sexy face<3
Answer: handsome Cam
Answer: River is stunning <3
Answer: OOF XD
Answer: SS
Answer: Paul Walker,who was an angel on Earth,now an angel...
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Johnny... that's the only one I can find of him wea...
Answer: Luke Newberry.
Answer: jensen ackles
Answer: Tony's cute face
Answer: Gabeblue
Answer: Brad Pitt maybe
Answer: I amor confusing people!
Answer: my 2 fav Robbies are in it!!!!!!!!!
Answer: lil Tony
Answer: Hiddles has so many scarves! This is from Thor when...
Answer: from Cult's new episode
Answer: handsome Billy Grimm
Answer: uff that's a hard one ... there are soooo many outf...
Answer: my baby's dad: Rob Knepper
Answer: awww wannna have in my bedroom <3333333
Answer: Jb!<33
Answer: Adorable
Answer: I amor this pic of my sexy,hot Robert Pattinson.
Answer: amor BowBow
Answer: younger Tony
Answer: chuveiro time
Answer: my handsome baby with composição literária over his gorgeous fac...
Answer: my gorgeous Robert looks mighty sexy in these suits...
Answer: Bowie <3
Answer: JL
Answer: rob sitting on a box thingy
Answer: grey on the sides *sighs*
Answer: :*
Answer: imitating hulk xD
Answer: here is my drop dead gorgeous baby wearing a belt<3...
Answer: red camisa on Robbie
Answer: Misha wearing a grey AC/DC t-shirt
Answer: Matt Lanter *_*
Answer: Over doing it. lol
Answer: Perfect man!
Answer: Rob cooking for Marie <333
Answer: Tyler Blackburn.
Answer: robbie Amell The tomorrow people
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in a field from a 2008 VF fotografias...
Answer: Happy natal all of you Dearies! :) For me the h...
Answer: smexy tony
Answer: Cam witha pen