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Answer: excuse me, you're perfect!
Answer: blurred super-homem Rob
Answer: Cody.
Answer: watch 2:20 - 2:54 plz *_* I died a million times o...
Answer: perfect Bow
Answer: Jamie with his hands behind his back<3
Answer: Michael Fassbender.
Answer: Jamie sitting in a chair<3
Answer: Jamie in b&w<3
Answer: my hottie Hemsworth in blue<3
Answer: Casey Jon Deidrick
Answer: I pray to him every dia <3
Answer: Benedict!
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: Paul leaning against a wall<3
Answer: Jamie from the back<3
Answer: <3
Answer: how can I?? look at yer hair! :O
Answer: Dan Ewing editar I made.
Answer: 2 Davids!! Double delicious! ;-)
Answer: a bit too happy, kinda scares me
Answer: Luke's hot body<3
Answer: Jensen.
Answer: my super sexy red hot British baby<3
Answer: he's supposed to be pale,since he's playing a vampi...
Answer: Jesse Lee Soffer
Answer: Benedict!
Answer: listening Rob (or maybe not listening, since it's R...
Answer: Eddie Redmayne
Answer: Justin H<3
Answer: how we'll miss those beautiful blue eyes of yours<3...
Answer: Hemsworth in HD<3
Answer: Zac's zexy brows<3
Answer: Jesse
Answer: amor them!
Answer: Happy Captain!
Answer: Jon.
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: oh bow bow *_*
Answer: Chris with a shadow on him<3
Answer: Xavier & Benedict Samuel
Answer: Robo in a desert
Answer: Bowie's legs just kill me everytime
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Eddie.
Answer: Sam Heughan!
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Paul.
Answer: Chris))
Answer: Tony's own little band: Two Way
Answer: Barrowman
Answer: Jeremy :)
Answer: Ryan G in red<3
Answer: Matt Pokora.
Answer: Barrowsmile.
Answer: dirty, bloody Rob on PB set
Answer: Daviiiiid
Answer: Jake in black<3
Answer: Jamie looking to our right<3
Answer: my sexy Rob wearing a batman shirt<3
Answer: my handsome baby in a dark blue shirt<3
Answer: IN a castelo - is that cool enough?
Answer: John and Willa
Answer: angel
Answer: my handsome Robert with his hair parted to the side...
Answer: Chris wearing a Bowie t-shirt<3
Answer: Jamie's sexy bulge<3
Answer: John!
Answer: looking lol
Answer: oh,Rob,I just a-Dior you<3
Answer: Tim Pocock.
Answer: Liam posing w/ a snake<3
Answer: Robbo - is it you! Ô_o
Answer: Paul behind the wheel of a car<3
Answer: Justin!
Answer: David Gregory!
Answer: I amor this XD
Answer: Jared
Answer: born with a pout
Answer: Luke Evans in black jeans<3
Answer: Garrett in jeans<3
Answer: Brandon Beemer!
Answer: Jamie modeling for Hugo Boss<3
Answer: He was an angel<3
Answer: Jared Leto <3
Answer: amor this one ALOT
Answer: Benedict..
Answer: Kellan in jeans<3
Answer: Liam Hemsworth<3
Answer: Sam Heughan
Answer: f#&@^°%ing watermark...ˇ~ˇ
Answer: David Giuntoli
Answer: Nick Bateman<3
Answer: Kellan's bulging biceps<3
Answer: John
Answer: Mark Delkin (Guy that is posted) Ramon Rodriguez...
Answer: Cam shirtless<3
Answer: My baby<33
Answer: meet the 5th member of the Beatles...my British bab...
Answer: my sexy wallpaper