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doggee posted on Jun 10, 2010 at 01:03PM
i learned horse riding. I've fallen many times , once a mare put her leg on my feet . . . so many things happened.but then i learned to tame and ride a horse good. i learned trot and canter. i could not learn gallop. ...WHAT ABT U?!
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over a year ago horsegirl213 said…
I love horses. I have been riding since i could first walk! At first my teacher thought i was easily distracted and could never become a good rider. But as the years went by i learned how to trot, cantor, (i galloped one time) jump and even made a lot of friends. It was the best thing that ever happened to me!
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over a year ago Yukiyo96 said…
Just got back from riding my horsie. Trail rode all over the farm I'm so tired I could faint.
over a year ago Mallory101 said…
Been riding since I was 4. I've rode many horses. Though 1 horse named Rizzo taught me so much. He had to be put down due to lime disease when I was 10.Though he gives me a reason to ride.I've fallen. Have been on horse who have kicked the wall when I was on them. Been on a bolting horse. Rode bitchy ponies. Rode beautiful Thoroughbreds.Have a barn family. It's pretty much my life<3
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over a year ago xxyesnoxx said…
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I have been riding since very young and I love it it! is quite hard but at times but I think its worth it! I ride english and I am hoping to find a dressage and jumping teacher to learn more in those practices. I am good at walk trot canter and gallop is something I rarely do but it's super fun... just remeber to stay in control or you could take a nasty fall! never give up I have been stepped, on bucked off, reared up, and have gotten black eyes and stuch but just remeber to wear a helmet, be safe and enjoy it!!!