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Euri posted on Mar 16, 2009 at 09:19PM
So what's your experience with horses? Don't be afraid to share, were all horse lovers and if you haven’t taken a lesson or you've competed many times in shows it doesn't matter, we can all help each other out in leaning more about these amazing animals!

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over a year ago pixie09 said…
ready for my horse story ?? its quite long but please, if you love horses, please take the time to read it .. it is quite sad

i started riding when i was 9. i rode at the most awesome riding school ever, 4 times a week atleast, all day staturday. after a month or two i really picked up and leased out one of the riding schools trouble horses ..

his name was pablo, 12.2 paint, blue eyes, arab, and he would buck rear, bolt, the works. he was awesome and to this day i love him on almost equal levels to the horse i own now. i rode him for nearly a year and then we moved across the country (from western aus to new south wales) and i had to leave him behind (i was devistated) and riding in NSW was alot more expensive than in WA so mum and i decided to buy a horse

we went to see this horse one day and i absolutly loved her. white arab cross stock horse, 14.2 hands high. she was very skittish, but i was 10 by that stage and knew everything lol. so mum gave in and we got her for a 2 week trial

a week later mum phoned up the owner to ask her to take her back, but she wouldnt. she was a nasty woman. so we were stuck with this horse. the probolame was that we couldnt catch her. se was so scared of everything and every body.

we couldnt sell her coz we couldnt catch her, and there is no way that we were going to dog her, so mum did alto of research on natural horseman ship ..

after 18 months of continuous work (and i mean EVERY day), if we could walk up to our horse, touch her on the shoulder, and walk away before she ran, we were so happy. we had made "progress."

so gradually things got better and she began to trust us. we atarted riding her after 3 years of having her. walking on a lead mostly, because she was to nervous if someone was left on her back with out either me or mum standing next to her.

to this day, me and my mother are the only ones who are able to catch, ride her, or do anything in general with her. alot of "professional" horse people have tried to catch ad ride her, and lets just say that they did not succeed. she panics if she isnt with me or mum and someone else is near her, she wont let anyone else near her lol.

now she is the perfect horse on the ground for us, she is very smart and gentle. we have ridden her on and off for the past couple of years. she will never be a "good" horse under saddle, and to be honest, i dont enjoy riding her because it reminds me of what she used to be like.

so here is the conclusion i guess. we bought a truly tormented, abused, distroyed horse. really, we had no idea about looking after a horse. but through ALOT of hard work, tears, temper tantrums (from me lol) six years later, we have made this beautiful gentle creature out of a tormented wreck.

i dont know what anyone could have done to my horse, and i dont want to imagine, because it is too sad and horrible, all i know is that PEOPLE CREATED THIS ANIMAL. she wasnt born like that, it was humans which did it to her. and i hate them for that. five years it took for her to trust us, two people.

i have no regrets that we bought her and persisted. if we hadnt, she would be in a can of dog food. and the thing that really upsets me is that these horrible people are allowed to put down the horses because they are "dangerous" or "useless" when it was those people that made them like it. i see people mistreating horses all the time for no good reason other than a lack of patients and cruelty ..

and that is pretty much my "experiance" with horses
over a year ago ponycanter said…
I have ridden for 8 years I'm 13 now. I started riding in Germany and have loved it ever since!!!!! I have ridden both horses and ponies but ponies are my fav. I have a welsh named Starlight!!!!! I love her to pieces. We have had some pretty odd experiences and we have gained trust from them. i have had 3 concussions 2 from horse falls. but I love it anyway!!!!!!!!! our most recent experience was hen 2 jets were taking off and we were with in a half mile to the flight line.