cavalos True amor has 4 legs!!!

Mallory101 posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 03:54PM
I ride this Apaloosa named Takoda or T,Ta-Ta or Toad (his nick names) and on his rear he has a spot ,shaped like a heart!!!! Its so cute! Every one loves it! Also i ride this Morgan named Sport and he is a cutie! When i'm tacking him up he never moves or fusses,only when i put the neck stretcher on he get fussy but nothing else! He is always a good Sporty Morgan (his nick name) I love every horse I Ride!
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over a year ago h8o said…
big smile
I ride a bay pony named Hedi...shes a furry little critter....abay named zia...a appy named eclipse...and wait thats all