Hitman Get Hitman:absolution earlier with free korea vpn

temp2012 posted on Nov 19, 2012 at 06:34AM
Hitman Absolution will be released in only several hours in some countries.As we all know the Asians and Disaster piece can start playing the game earlier than Americans and Europeans.
Now for a disclaimer: This will not get you in trouble. I have done this for game releases for years and its quite legal, in fact, developers expect players to do this. I would however recommend disabling Steam Guard.
1) Get link client.
2) The free trial accountis listed here.
3)Choose a Korea vpn or Australia vpn, then activate your game.
As we all know, the activation is basically a time check. By doing this, the game ’sees’ that you are “in Korea” and sends you the encryption key. This will unlock the game, and then you are free to play it. It will have unlocked now and you can close Flyvpn.
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