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I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Big Hero 6 - Rotten Tomatoes
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
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Critics Consensus: Agreeably entertaining and brilliantly animated, Big Hero 6 is briskly-paced, action-packed, and often touching.
With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, "Big Hero 6" is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius-thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their like-minded friends: adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to his closest companion-a robot named Baymax-and transforms the group into a band of high-tech heroes determined to solve the mystery. (C) Disney … More
PG (for action and peril, some rude humor, and thematic elements)
Jordan Roberts , Don Hall , Robert L. Baird , Duncan Rouleau , Paul Briggs
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Big Hero 6 offers something for everyone: action, camaraderie, superheroes and villains. But mostly, Baymax offers a compassionate and healing voice for those suffering, and a hug that can be felt through the screen.
Big Hero 6 celebrates nerd culture. And not merely the pop-culture- obsessed version (comic books) but the let's-invent-something-cool kind. Hey, kids, this PG flick asserts, it's good be taken with technology, crushed out on code, wowed by chemistry.
The breakthrough star of the season is here. His name is Baymax and he's impossible not to love. The 3-D animated Big Hero 6 would be a ton less fun without this irresistible blob of roly-poly, robot charisma.
Big Hero 6's considerable graces as an animated film-its fantastical layouts and bouncy sense of figure and motion-are offset by its deficiencies as a second-rate superhero flick.
At times, Big Hero 6 gets a little too noisy for its own good, but that never manages to drown out its many quieter charms.
Big Hero 6 qualifies as a better-than-average kids' movie with enough cross-generational appeal to make it a fine choice for a family weekend matinee.
Do we celebrate its strides toward cultural diversity, or cringe at the christening of its setting as 'San Fransokyo', a hybrid Japanese-American town where everyone looks only a little foreign?
A lively and creative animated film about a robot with heart, empathy, compassion, and gentleness.
If the plot and colorful teen heroes are familiar, the setting -- the near-future metropolis of San Fransokyo (imagine a benign 'Blade Runner') -- is intriguing, and the animation -- as always these days -- is dazzling.
Speedy and stunning enough in its crystalline computer-animation, and then there's almost always Baymax's comic look or flatly inquiring voice. The super-team shtick and "cool!"-ness of technology are stated over and over, but aerial sequences take off.
...awfully weaponized for a movie that's ostensibly about mercy and caregiving.
Bouncy and beguiling, it's family fare that values brains over brawn.
An animated film that really isn't a movie for kids. There is enough humor in it aimed at kids to get a few laughs from younger kids, but most of it is aimed at older kids and adults.
Big Hero 6, based on the comic book series of the same name lacks personality, a heartfelt story or even decent laughs. It's not a terrible movie by any means, but neither is it very good. It's just kind of there.
I'm basically exhausted with super hero shenanigans, whether its live action or animated.
Will leave you completely satisfied with its service.
The thrill of Big Hero 6 doesn't lie in guessing what comes next, it comes from being in the moment with great characters in a cool setting full of surprising details.
A roller-coaster of a futuristic action movie, 'Big Hero 6' is perfect family fare to play opposite the more grownups-oriented 'Interstellar.'
A wildly entertaining animated adventure that successfully adapts the Marvel tradition to animation.
It's sort of refreshing to see a movie as unabashedly optimistic about our future as Big Hero 6.
Overflowing with visual invention and genuine sentiments.
Here is a movie so brilliantly realized and exciting that its final act deserves far more than the traditional outlook of more recent studio cartoons.
With this film, Disney expresses a willingness to test new waters in a genre flirting with stagnation.
I will not deny that BH6 is a successful movie, good even! However, its success has no flavor and If anything is a little too methodical for my palette, everything from the character archetypes to the story just seems like it was concocted in a lab of professional formulaic storytelling for a very specific general/family audience.
The visuals are right on the spot, even for a Disney production there are a lot of improvements here over their recent works though. From environments, to cinematography and character design it does look more refined.
The story is thrilling, touching, imaginative and has all the elements you need to engage your average Joe. It's not the most ambitious endeavor as far as theme exploration goes but it's not very reserved either for a Disney production (characters actually dying and it being recognized? The protagonist briefly seeks murder as vengeance? Uncharacteristically dark and I like it.)
So all in all there's really nothing much to complain about, just nothing to give it praise for either which kind of lands the film in the twilight zone of forgettability. (Not a word, I know) Baymax and Hiro aren't iconic enough to go down as Disney legends with the princess' or Peter Pan. The same goes for the colorful but carefully crafted support characters like Wasabi, Gogo, Honeylemon and Fred. All representing a body/archetype that goes along with pleasing today's modern social guidelines.
It's an exhausting practice that seems to go out of it's way to please as many of today's people as possible, while incapable of having a stylistic hallmark. However it is a step forward from a creatively stagnant studio.
A very entertaining romp for anyone needing of a good, old cinema adventure with popcorn and drinks. Another commendable outing from Disney.
Don Hall and Chris Williams successful team up on Big Hero 6 proves to be the recipe for success.
Spanning 100+ minutes of screen time, the story, while nothing mind blowing, has that warm-hearted charm working in its favor. Who would have thought a health care companion could be so cool? The characters are likable and aside from the lame name of the city, the setting proves to be a delight on screen.
The CG is nicely rendered, making Big Hero 6 a great watch visually. The variety of "nerd heroes" help diversify the action when needed; however, it is easy to see that the these segments take a back seat to the story.
Scott Adsit's Baymax voice is a highlight, delivering memorable lines. "Oh no." The rest of the characters are brought to life with fitting voice-work as well.
Big Hero 6 delivers from all angles, proving to be a recommendable family oriented super hero picture.
Disney did not only create a very unique and incredibly detailed location with their San Fransokyo, they also came up with characters you instantly care about. The result is a super hero team origin story that is celebrating science and its geeks, always laughing with them, never at them. The animation is the best and most impressive seen on film to date, the action is well-timed, the jokes are funny and the emotions grab you right by the collar. It isn't until after the movie that you realize that story followed somewhat known paths. Adults may have an easy time predicting the plot, but they can still enjoy the many Easter eggs and how much fun their young companions will have with this colorful, lovable and highly entertaining ride.
Super jump! Gravity crush! Falling hard!
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