oi Arnold! favorito Episode?

shieldmaiden posted on Oct 14, 2010 at 05:32AM
What's your favorite episode(s)? I have quite a few actually.

-Arnold's Christmas
-Arnold's Valentine
-Arnold's Thanksgiving
-Parents Day
-The Journal
-School Play
-Phoebe Skips
-Helga on the Couch
-Ernie in Love

There's more I'm sure, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind. So what are your's?

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over a year ago ToonBoyDan said…
1. Eugene's Pet

2. Eugene's bike

3. Stuck In a Tree

4. Eugene Goes Bad

5. False Alarm

6. Rhonda's Glasses
over a year ago Ezekiel2012 said…
1. Monkeyman!
2. Sid The Vampire Slayer
3. Olga Gets Engaged
4. Dino Checks Out
5. Big Gino
6. Grandpa's Sister
over a year ago alireza_073 said…
christmas, April fools day
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