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Have you ever wanted to roleplay as an hetalia - axis powers character, or write a fanfiction, but you just felt like you couldn't "capture" the personality of a character? Or do you just want to learn a little bit mais about the characters? Well then, read on to find out mais about the characters!

I hope this will help people that are stuck on character portrayal, because believe it or not, that's one of the hardest parts in roleplaying and fanfictions. I'm going to take each character, one por one, and write about their personalities. I'll do my best to make them short and to the point, yet informational....
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(Waring: These are just how I feel about the hetalia - axis powers fandom, So Please don't take this seriously! also sorry for my English, I do speak English but my English is pretty bad when I type on a keyboard..)

Now listen, there's some stuff i like in the APH fandom (Like Au's, reader inserts, ect) but I hate in the "Yaoiness" of the fandom. don't get me wrong, I respect peoples opinions on pairings or ship the characters together. if you like yaoi, that's cool, we both like different things. in anime, movies, games, ect. but not all of us like yaoi in things. but PLEASE! don't try to shove your ships...
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hetalia - axis powers
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So, found this Hetalia, personality test somewhere I can't remember. Well let's get started!
~~~:::North Italy (Feliciano Vargas):::~~~

[] You were bullied a lot in your childhood
[x] You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit.
[] You're very happy-go-lucky
[] You constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the fadas
[x] You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up
[] You're a good artist
[x] You can be clumsy
[] You have a friend you always depend upon if you mess up something
[x] If your life was in danger, you would do the typical Italian...
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All I have to say is that I did not write this. All of the credit goes to PerfectTempest on quizilla.com . She is REALLY awesome, and writes the best teste results. If you would like to take this teste go to

How it happened:
Stealthily, you crept up on Yao. Sitting on a bench, presumably enjoying the flowering trees, ambushing him was too perfect to resist. One step brought you closer to him, another and you were almost there, last one and you were close enough to embrace him. Carefully, very...
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Honhonhon! Bonjour English man! Grow a real dick and don't fuck with Peter Pan! I'm Francis Bonnefoy and everyone loves me! You call me a wanker, cause mine is the biggest! Fuck off with your kid brother, cause USUK surely hits it!

SHUT UP! YOU DAMN FROG FACE! The fact that your on the same continent is a disgrace! All you are is a bloody wanker, my rhymes hit hard, like Captain Hook's anchor! Your just a bloody whore, I can't stand your face no more, your such a prick! Even Sealand has mais dick! I have an army of Red Coats! You have shitty little boats! Waiting till the last...
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You know like how people wonder what countries are the same zodiac as them? You probably wonder too! Well I was trying to find out who has the same as me but people got me messed up!
Why because first America's a tigar then he's a monkey or something! por the way I am born in the ano of the rat! Zodiac's I wouldn't get alone with rabbit and horse! Zodiac's I would dragon,ox,and monkey!\^w^/ So anyways I tryed finding out the hetalia - axis powers countries and here's what I got!^^
Italy monkey
Germany monkey
America rooster
England dragon
France ox
China maybe dragon
Spain tigar
Romano snake or dragon
Lithuania rooster
Poland rooster
Latvia ox
Estonia pig
Switzerland dog matches!:]
Finland monkey
Sweden sheep
Greece rato YEAH!Another rat!\>.</
Korea rato or ox Probably another rat!:]
I hope this helps! I look it up of how old they are!:D I really wonder how others do it?:/