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British Tv series with Mechanical/metallic OWL

I'm Chribio from Italy.
I have a very difficult pergunta for you,too!
In various fórum i asked about it but no-one helps me in the right way.
I remembered in an Italian tv Rai televisão maybe in 1979-'81 not after a horror or fantasia or sci-fi tv series with a mechanical/metallic owl inside it.
I remembered maybe a house or castle,a pendulum clock,a childrens (maybe) & an old steward maybe behind the owl.
The owl is fat (not so much) darkly & maybe had magician powers with the eyes that maybe shining something with red colours that maybe stop the time or some other thing!
Always i remembered a Victorian style all around & surely in color style not b/n,too.
In my three years of research i'm sure that was not:The phoenix & the carpet (yes,there was the children's and a phoenix but my bird was darkly not golden & the movement was so slow than the phoenix).
Not "Ace of wands","hammer stories","tales & mysteries",no "the encantada castle" i saw all the episodes on youtube but i saw a real owl not mechanic.
But i don't know something for series like "Shadows" or "Sky",too...that MAYBE are with similar things and mysteryes too.
I'm sure that the series was made in 1975-'79 & programming on tv not after 1981.
I know that is very difficult pergunta but maybe this is the final chance to understand something about it,'cause i'm not the only one that remembered this OWL ...i know (by net) another man that remembered it!!!
Maybe the tv series was por the Thames english tv!
Thanks for helping me!
Bye & see you soon...i hope!

Sorry for my English,i amor the language too much but was not so much times i write in English,unfortunately...i hope you understand all !

now i post some similar pieces from youtube that is near what i remember ,so mystery & strange!

 chribio posted over a year ago
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