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posted by WhataParawhore
Hayley's POV*

"Josh, c'mon get up!" I had to shake him really hard. "Josh!"
"Alright, alright.. Sorry Hayles, I'm just really tired from our show last night." He moaned into his pillow.
"Well your going to be even mais tired after today. We have another show, concerto to do, and then we are all going out for a meal later. Remember? We arranged it last night?"
"Erm, yeah course, I remember.. Kinda?"
"Right, c'mon. Up now! We need to be off this tour bus in half an hour, okay? Here is some jeans and a t-shirt, now hurry up!"
I walked away quickly before he could say anything else. He really needed to get...
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Chapter Five

Hayley's POV

“I don't blame you.”

“What?” Josh asked looking up from the sheet of lyrics we just got done writing.

“I don't blame you.” I repeated in the same low murmur.

“Blame me for what?” He was definitely confused.

“For hating me.”

He dropped the lyrics and came over to sit beside me.

“Hayley I don't hate you. Why would you think that?”

I was afraid to look at him, so instead I looked down at my tightly clasped hands. “Well you barely ever talk to me. Ever since we got back from tour, and I started dating Chad, 5 weeks...
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Hey all. I decided to skip a few months ahead in the story so I could get to the good stuff. Enjoy!


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Chapter Six

Hayley's POV

*3 months later*

"I'm going to call him again." I announced to everyone.

"Hayley no." Zac said.

"Why not? He's 15 minutos late for practice and I can't even call him?"

"I think you've called him 100 times already!"

"I'm just mad, ok? This new ablum we're working on means a lot to me, and it should to him, too. But he never respostas my calls anymore, he rarely shows up to record. Ever...
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A familiar voice came from the shadows.
The red-headed girl thought for a moment to who that voice belonged to...
Oh no.
Hayley began to shake with subconscious fear.
She had known this voice ever since she was thirteen, but, if she knew this voice so well, why was she afraid?

I am finding out
That maybe I was wrong

Maybe she was afraid because she hasn't seen--him...
in over 3 years...
Maybe because she felt responsible for the band's breakup due to her own stupid, pitiful feelings...
Maybe because the last time she saw him, she smacked him in the face and...
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Chapter Four

Hayley's POV

I ran from the bus. I ran as fast as I could. The crowds of people stared as I flew past them.

Not long after I started running, my lungs felt ready to burst, so I collapsed against one of the other bands' tour bus.

I sat down beside the bus, and lay my head back against it. My breathe was coming out it gasps so I closed my eyes and started to take deep breathes to calm myself.

My pulse started to slow after a few minutes. I continued to keep my eyes shut, and I took this time to think. I thought mostly of Josh. About how he must...
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Chapter 2

**Josh's POV**

The show was finally over, so Hayley and I were walking back to the tour bus.

“Zac and Taylor won't be back for a while.” I said trying to break through the silence.

“Um why?”

“Oh uh something about going to find a place around here that sells slushies. A gas station or something.” I replied.

“Slushies? But it's like 20 degrees out here.” She shivered.

I took of my casaco and handed her it. “Here.”

“No, Josh it's ok. I'm the one who forgot my coat. Plus I can't let you freeze.” She refused.

“Hayles I'm fine...
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Chapter Eight

Josh's POV

"Thanks Josh." She said.

I nodded.

"Ok well we should probably be getting back."

"Wait." She looked down. "My dress is all soaked and it's covered in mud."

"Yeah, well don't we just go home. If you don't put on something dry you'll probably get sick. Dinner's almost over anyway."

"Ok. I'm not that hungry anyway."

We walked back to the parking lot, and got into my car.

"Home sweet home." She said.

We were walking into her living room.

"Ok how about you go get changed, and I'll wait here."

"Sure, just make yourself at home. I'm gonna...
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Chapter Seven

Josh's POV

"You really amor me?You aren't gonna take it back this time, are you?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes, I really amor you. Always have, always will. No, I won't take it back. I want to be with you, no one else. Without you I'm just not myself. So miserable. I'll take that risk, 'cause you're worth it."

I couldn't control myself, I leaned in for another kiss.

"Wait." She said against my lips.

I pulled back. "For what?"

"What about Jenna? Your girlfriend?"

"What about her? She and I, we just aren't meant for eachother. I only have one person who...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
“I have to go now.” Hayley said.

“Aww not already.” A frown touched my face.

“I know. I don't wanna leave. I wanna stay here forever, wrapped in your arms.” She frowned, too.

I patted the spot seguinte to me that she had just gotten up from.

“Sorry Joshie, but my mom's gonna send out a procurar party for me if I don't come início soon.”

“I'm sure she can wait for a few minutes...our hours.” I hinted.

“As great as that sounds, and trust me that doe's sound great, I can't not tonight anyway.”

I sighed. “I'll miss you.”

“I'll miss you more. But just think, tomorrow morning...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
“Tomorrow's the day, Hayley.” I reminded her.

She tilted her her back and kissed me.

“Our one ano anniversary.” She said as she pulled back.

“Hayles I kind of brought you here so we could be alone and tell you something.”


“I amor you Hayley.”

To my relief a smile spread across her face. “I amor you, too.”


The memory replayed my mind over and over.

That was the dia before our anniversary. The dia I first told Hayley I loved her. The dia she first told me she loved me. That was the dia before Hayley's death. That...
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Chapter three

Josh's POV

I couldn't believe it. I was so sure that Hayley wouldn't feel the same way back, and then she kisses me!

I kissed her back passionately. I had waited so long for this moment. It seemed dreamlike to me, that this could even be happening.

After a few minutos we both reluctantly pulled away. Both of us gasping for air.

“Hayley that was,”

“Amazing.” She breathed.

I smiled. “Well I was going to say perfect, but yeah amazing will do too.”

She laughed. “I've wanted to that for so long.”

“So you've been crushing on me too?”...
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oi all. This is a brand new story. Comment if you want more. Remember that I'm just beginning to write again. So this will not be some of my greatest work...
Thanx for all who read. Remember,

Read, rate, & comment!


This coração will start a Riot! in me[/i]

Chapter 1

**Joshe's POV**

“Hayley,” I nudged her. “Come on you got to get up now.”

“No.” She moaned into her pillow.

“Hayles we just have this one show, and then we're going back início to Franklin.” I reminded her.

She lifted her head from the pillow. “Josh go eat breakfast...
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