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amhmicale posted on Jul 11, 2010 at 08:21PM
okay, so my friends and I were bored and wanted to make like a playlist or something. so far all we have is "before it's too late" (goo goo dolls) and "i'll be" (edwin mccain). any recommendations/additions?

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over a year ago ArthurGwen said…
Superman by Taylor Swift?:)
over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
Just so You Know jessi Mccartney
and for the 6th book, when thye are together and they break up and harry sees her in the seventh book and doesnt know what to do, You're Beautiful James Blunt
and when harry starts crushing on Ginny in Book six and doesnt know how to go on about it , Crush by David Archuletta.
Mine by Taylor Swift
thats about all the ones i can think of right now :D
over a year ago TheLoneWolf said…
Ivisable - Taylor Swift
Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift
Breathless - Taylor Swift (After Battle of Hogwarts)
Beautiful Eyes - Taylor Swift
You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift
Super Man - Taylor Swift
over a year ago HufflepuffHugs said…
I would absolutely recommend "Rhythm of Love" by the Plain White T's. Possibly "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.
over a year ago chrissmou said…
i would reccomend Ryth of love by Plain White T's,
You belong with me by Taylor Swift
Crawing back to you by Backsteet Boys