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posted by catfan9
Scene- 6:00pm The Millenium falcão Just after the detruction of the first death star.
Han-Chewie? Have You seen my tie?


Han- What do you mean it looks bad on me? Nothing looks bad on me!


Han- Well I guess a Gorilla suit would look bad on anyone...

Chewbacca- Krauhhh?!

Han- Why do Ineed a tie? none of your buisiness! But for your information I am seeing Leia tonight!

Chewbacca-Krahh! Krahh! (sounds like wookie laughter)

Han- What's so funny wise guy? You have a wife and kid back início on Kashyyyk!

(suddenly they hear a knock on the door)

Han- Leia's here! And you didn't believe I could fall in love!

(Han strutts out the door and is gone for the evening)

The End
posted by catfan9
As Han came to his senses, his head ached and his ankle hurt too. He must have twisted it as he fell to the ground... He heard signs of a battle field.Soon the noise quieted and a young togruta girl came by. a little too short for battle isn't she?Han thought. Yet then he saw the slender light saber handle that was dangling from her belt.
The girl was tending to the wounds of the clones who were lying on the ground, but then she looked at Han. The girl called: "Master someone's injured! He's not a clone!" The girl helped Han limp over to her "Master" whom Han was surprised to see. For this man standing before him was
Anakin Skywalker,
the father,husband,jedi,teacher,warrior
and soon to be...
Darth Vader
posted by catfan9
Han sat at the wheel of themillenium falcon.He was escaping the hectic environment of a family home. Not to mention the Twins and Anakin were driving him crazy. And between them and Leia's nagging him to be a good example(meaning: no "gallumphing" with Lando Callrissian on saturday nights anymore.)He was just about to explode! He soon arrived at his destination, A small upgrade store in a back alley that Han knew all too well...
He walked in and already smelled the gasoline in the air.A sino rang as he closed the door. "I'm comin'!" Someone yelled. It was a medium-sized Rodian with a holstered...
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