Hades Which zodiac sign does Hades represent the best?

Pick one:
Aries - Short-tempered, self-centered, impulsive, impatient, jealous, intolerant
Taurus - Stubborn, sensitive, agressive, dislikes change, self-indulgent
Gemini - Selfish, restless, gossipy, fickle, dual personality
Cancer - Moody, sensitive, emotional, crabby, manipulative, idealistic
Leo - Prone to jealousy, too possessive, egoistic, dominating, arrogant, uncaring
Virgo - Overly critical, indemonstrative, cowardly, restless, hypohondriac
Libra - Indecisive, careless, indulgent, narcsissistic, sulky
Scorpio - Becomes jealous easily, stubborn, sensitive, egoistic, lustful
Sagittarius - Boastful, sharp-tongued, prone to change, restless, flirtatious
Capricorn - Introverted, parsimonious, obstinate, short-tempered
Aquarius - Unpredictable, adamant, dislikes commitments, eccentric
Pisces - Moody, inflexible, dependent, unrealisti
 Metaloceratops posted over a year ago
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