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-Did not!Gwen yelled angry from the hall.
-I'm worried because of the test results!Bridgette said.
-Don't worry!Courtney said while she was putting her hand on Bridgette's shoulder.Let's go out after Gwen!
They were walking and guess what!She was composição literária in her diary.
-Dear diary, today I met someone special at this new school...
She was interrupted.
-Hey!Bridgette said curious.
-Why are you looking at my diary?It's secret!
-We...just...wanted to see what you are doing!Bridgette and Courtney said scared.
-It's ok!
-What about the test?!Bridgette said.
-OH NO!I completely forgot...
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(Bridgette, Gwen, and Courtney all go to the same school. this is right after TDWT. let's see what they're up to.....)
~at the school~
Gwen: um, oi Courtney, we need to talk.
Courtney: *glaring at Gwen* what is it?
Gwen: look, I'm really sorry. i was a complete jerk.
Courtney: *smiles a bit* well it's about time you apologized! Just kidding. don't put all the blame on yourself. i get it, you couldn't help yourself. but after the show, i couldn't help but think; we let a GUY come between us!?
Gwen: *smiles* so, friends?
Courtney: friends.
Bridgette: well i just knew you guys would make up!
Gwen: yup.
Courtney: are you guys going to try out for the talent show? i am. i'm singing.
Bridgette: i dunno. maybe.
Gwen: no way.
that's it of part one! catch it seguinte time!
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After they arrived at their cabinets, they were entering in their class.They were in the 7th grade.(They were 13 then).
-What are you doing at my cabinet?a boy with black hair and green Mohawk said to Bridgette.
-I didn't know that this cabinet is yours!
-Haha...Now run away from my cabinet!
She ran away from his cabinet and came close to Gwen.
-Have you s-s-seen that g-g-guy with b-b-black hair and green Mohawk?Bridgette said to Gwen.
-Yes.I think that he is cute!
-Cute?He almost beaten me up!
-AH!Why did he do this to you?!I'm going to beat him up...Aaah!His cute cerceta, verde-azulado eyes and...AH, Gwen!Just...
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-Okay, class!You have a math test now!
-A math test?!!?!?!Gwen and Bridgette whispered and gasped.
-Yeah.Now close the books.Prepare your pens.
She shared the tests at everyone.
-Help?!Gwen whispered.
-Don't worry!You will pass it because we know that you're smart!Bridgette and Courtney said.
-But...How do you know?We know each other since this morning!
Gwen started to use her knowledge, but she has lost her focusing because of Duncan.She was thinking that they were dating.
Gwen sighed.
-What are you thinking about, Gwen Thompson?Mrs. Coleman said.
-Um...Me...I was thinking at...TEST!she...
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-Courtney, it's the time to go at your new school!Courtney's mom said.
-I'm coming, mom!Wait some minutes!
Courtney was taking a shower, got dressed and was brushing her teeth and hair.She made a short ponytail.
She downstairs then and eats.
-Are you ready for your new school?
Courtney's mom hugged her and then said:
-I hope that you will make a lot of friends there!
-I hope too!Goodbye, mom!
Courtney climbs in the big yellow bus and waves to her mom.Then she meets two girls.She sat beside them and tried to know them better.
-Hello!My name is Courtney!It's...
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