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A/N: Update, already? Yes! Indeed! Hehe. ;p I’m just feeling soooooo freaking inspired for this fic, you have no idea. ;p Well, I hope you like it! Please review! ;) (and as much as I would amor to update always this often….I wouldn’t expect it all the time. Sadly. ;))
CH.2—Elevator Troubles
    The elevator was taking far too long. She had pressed the button, what? FIVE minutos AGO! Had pressed it again two minutos ago, and probably a few mais times in the last five seconds. Maybe she had even BROKEN the elevator button! It wasn’t entirely a far off impossibility.
    She tapped her foot rapidly and when that didn’t sufficed, she began to pace. It wasn’t like everyone that was supposed to be there already wasn’t already there. She sighed. Then again, there were IN FACT people there, or one in PARTICULAR that wasn’t supposed to be there. At least not in the mind of Blair Waldorf.
    What was wrong with her?! She would’ve killed to have the progress going so well mere hours ago! I mean, for all she knew, all those emotions clearly seen on Chuck’s face could’ve been fake, could’ve been to woo over that dumb Brooklynite. No. She knew it wasn’t true. Because she played the façade as well or even better than Chuck himself, and she could determine what was real and what was not, and that gaze of his was DEFINITELY real.
    She wimpered, stomping her foot at the dormant elevator. She turned to look back on at the people chatting themselves away over small delicacies and alchohol. Of course though, she was only looking in Chuck’s direction. He was STILL talking to Vanessa, STILL!
    She put a hand up to her head and rubbed it gently. All this screaming in her head was giving her a headache. Thankfully, it only lasted a few moments and she casually wrapped a lock of hair around her left ear, straightening out the straps on her dress as her arm floated back to her side. When she turned back to look at Chuck, he was staring straight at her, and she felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. She gulped, pale coloring covering her face instantly.
    He was holding up his phone in a gesture to her, and even across the room, she knew what it meant. He had just read her text. Dang it! He was supposed to read it AFTER I left! She began to moan desperately, fidgeting with the elevator nonstop, tearing her eyes away from Chuck as she began kick the elevator doors, which coincidentally opened after the third indentation had been made.
    “Yes!” she whispered in a huff, but all hope fell around her when the doors started closing only a segundo later.
“No!” The button flashed on and off and she could see some people on the inside of the elevator looking around eerily as to the condition of their transportation, since the doors had now decided that it neither wanted to be closed OR opened, but simply continue the movement of ‘open’ and ‘close’.
“Ahhhh…..” she cried, backing away from the elevator with its flashing lights and scared passengers.
The commotion caused a few people to look over and even to cadastrar-se Blair in her scared attempt to get out of the furgão, van der baixo housing. Some put their hands over their mouths in an attempt to cover their gasps. A few attempted to stop the elevator por throwing little items in the way of the doors, so as to stop them from moving back and forth.
Finally, Bart baixo stalked over, his mouth covered por the phone he was using to call security. He nodded and reached out his hand to mover people away from the door. It took a moment, but everyone scattered away from the elevator, everyone except a paralyzed Blair who found herself falling to the floor, overwhelmed por what was happening.
She felt someone picking her up and dragging her away, but it did not register until they were several feet away from the elevator who it was. She snapped out of her daze and looked up to the face of her carrier. Chuck Bass.
    “Chuck Bass, let me go! Let me go this instant!” she struggled hard against his grip, but couldn’t get loose. After several moments of struggling through this, he set her down on the opposite end of the room, right in front of the stair entrance.
    She huffed and puffed, straightening out her dress, as he glared at her. She wanted to say something she really did, but all she could find herself to say was, “the stairs?!”
    His facial expression didn’t change but only intensified. “Is that a problem, Waldorf?” he spat.
    She crossed her arms across her chest. “Well, you are on like the hundredth level! That’s all,” she rolled her eyes.
    “Well, I just figured this way you wouldn’t be breaking anything,” he never looked away from her, and he looked almost angry.
    Blair felt a lump form in her throat. She wished he would stop looking at her like that. Didn’t he have a girlfriend to be attending to? It didn’t seem so as he just stood there, glaring, begging her to speak, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t form any words. Not only now because of his presence, but also because of that death emotion that was so evident on his face.
    “That elevator was defective, obviously,” was all she could bring herself to say.
    “Really now?” he asked, unconvinced.
    “Yes,” she said, refusing to look him in the eye.
    “Hmmm,” he wasn’t buying any of it, and she knew it. But she couldn’t say anything else. The last statement hadn’t exactly given her bonus points. She cursed herself mentally…again. Maybe it was best if her brain was taken away all together. At least then she would have a valid excuse for how idiotic she had been sounding all night. But no, she had no reason—no good reason, at least in her mind. All she had was that she was jealous, so entirely jealous, and so entirely smitten with Chuck all over again. She obviously couldn’t verbalize that! So, she had taken it out on the elevator, and now the man himself was staring her in the face wanting an explanation. Bu she just…couldn’t give it.
    A few mais minutos passed, and once he realized that she really had nothing else to say, he began to walk away. And for some odd reason, she thought he had really left and took a step towards the stairs, eyeing them agonizingly. Who knew how many flights of stairs she would have to go down to get out of here. She glanced over at the elevator, Mr. baixo was still talking into his phone, still trying to get those panicked people out. She sighed. She had really made a mess of things. She looked back at the door leading to the stairs. Her vision zoomed in on the handle. She took a step progressivo, para a frente and looked into the checkered window displaying the stairs before her. Her stomach did a few flips, when finally she reached for the door handle and grabbed it.
    You can do this, Waldorf. You can do it. They’re just stairs. She whined, stomped her foot a little and was about to open the door itself, when she heard a snicker behind her. She whirled around quick as lightning, only to see Chuck baixo leaning against the nearest wall, and staring at her with that thick spread smirk on his face, glass of scotch in hand.
    “You know, it is entirely too much fun watching you examine your options, Waldorf.”
    She glared at him, stepping towards him and stealing the alchohol from his hand and downing it in a second. He looked at her, almost proud, as she placed the empty glass on a nearby counter.
    “What are you still doing here?” she asked, stomping back towards him, emphasizing every word.
    He opened his mouth to say something, but held the pause in place, waiting to see how long she could stand it.
    “Well?!” she nearly screeched, not half a segundo later.
    He chuckled. “I want to know,” he slowly pulled out an object from his pocket. She let out a gasp as she realized it was his phone, with her text message blaring across the small screen. She gulped. “What does this mean?” he asked, looking at her questioningly.
    She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t breathe! For the segundo time that night, oxygen was not successfully flowing into her lungs. She wanted to leave, to cry, to disappear somehow, but she couldn’t. She just….couldn’t. She was Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante in her tracks. How dare he ask her to explain herself?! She was the one hurting here!! NOT HIM!!! How dare he pergunta such things of her, how dare he—
    “Blair?” he asked, still sporting that wide grin of his. It gave her such ridiculous chills, it wasn’t even funny.
    She sighed. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
    His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Well then, why did you send it to me?” he asked, stepping a little closer to her.
    She blinked a few times up at him, moisture rising up in her scared eyes. What could she do? What could she say? She couldn’t honestly tell him she was hurt and jealous! Could she?
    She opened her mouth to say something, just when…
    They both turned to look as the people in the elevator calmly climbed out the now opened doors, all looking very irritated at Mr. baixo and perhaps regretting their decision in coming at all, but they still entered the room and pushed pass the onlookers to grab their first, and definitely not last drink of the evening.
    Without hardly even noticing, Blair had slipped away from the Chuck and sped towards the elevator. Just as Bart baixo was announcing to all of his guests as a whole not to use the elevator for a while in fear that it would be unfixable sooner rather than later…Blair jumped inside, eager to escape the Chuck baixo close at her heels. Just as the doors were closing, Chuck slipped in attempting to pull her out and discuss the matter under the party lights, but he was too late.
Once he stepped inside, the door shut, wouldn’t open, and a few segundos later shot down five stories at an untamable speed. The rush stopped swiftly, just as fast as it had begun. The lights had gone out, but now were flickering a little bit. Chuck looked over at Blair who was a hyperventilating mess, same as himself, bracing herself in the far corner of the elevator.
“Blair?” he breathed, trying to compose himself best as he could.
She nodded slowly and bit her lip, acknowledging she was okay, or as okay as a person could be who just experienced an attack from an elevator.
He leaned back on the mural just behind him, and breathed out. “Me too.”
A/N: Let me know what you think! ;p Hope you loved it! *gasp* REVIEWS ARE LOVE!!!
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