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 Taeyeon Selca
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This girls generation/snsd fotografia contains neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby. There might also be leite, retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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Hello, first of all, this is gonna be a critical article, but if you are a Seomate and you are leitura this, you don't have to feel that I'm speaking about you, this is just about a part of them.

So, this artigo is about Seomates (some of thems) and their hypocrital actios.

First, take a look to one of the topo, início trends of this fanclub in which someone asked about ranking SNSD members 1 to 9 and see who's the prettiest.

Of course, everybody has an unique ranking and opinion, but if look closer to the comments section you can see things like.

First, people saying that Seohyun is the prettiest and...
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