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Ilisa, Natalie, Jenna, Chrystina preforming "Respect" ;)
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ok, girlicious has to be the worst girl group ever. not because they are bad people, but because they just look like strippers and sluts. wat, did the creaters of girlicious decide that they are going to pick the sluttiest girls for the group? so seriously girls of girlicious, what ever your names are, you are a disgrace to women, and a bad influence to little girls that look up to you. it sucks 'cause all i see when i look at you are a bunch of sluts. the thing that gets to me about girlicious is that they want to be a role model for girls... now i dont know what kinda parents they have, but if i had a child i would never want my kid to be like them.
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Lock me up, lock me up, lock me up up up
Lock me up, lock me up, lock me up up up

I got a amor disorder sick from paranoia
Cause my hearts been broken before ya
I need some anesthetic cause I start to panic
When the feelings get too familiar

And then I get that itch and my eyes begin to twitch
Dr. Jekyll Mrs. Hyde
Someone is taking over

The walls are shaking and I'm paranoid
Can someone stop the noise in my head
The clock is ticking I'm about to crack
Just like a maniac on the eh-edge

No-Oh-Wow-O-Wow-Uh-Oh-Oh-Wow-O-Uh-Oh-Oh-Wow-Oh-Wow-Uh-Oh, A Maniac
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Don't know who I am no more
For you I try to change
Keep messing with my head
Wanna be myself instead
It has been too hard on us (on us)
Though we were so in love, but I was wrong
You didn't want what I wanted and I've had enough

Had enough of playing games,
The lies you said
The reason why I'm must let go,
The things you put me through
You may never know

I don't know why it is taking all of this time
You are the reason why I cry
Now I know why I can't see

I can't see the girl you want me to be
When I look in the mirror
(When I look in the mirror)
You don't know what you want to believe
I've got to be me,...
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