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And illusions.

The boy opened his eyes.

“Where am I?”

Two faces lowered to him, and as his sight began to clear out of the misty curtain, he was once again reunited with his old acquaintances.


Prince Hydron’s voice was shaky and weak, as he had suffered a large amount of wounds. And the pains, the horrible pains were tormenting him.


He tried getting up, but no use – he couldn’t even mais his arms for support. His face was scarred with terrible scratches. And blood streamed down from his cheek.

Hydron could hardly mover his eyelids, and the figures and he see...
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Spring Break had just ended, and the students were returning too Mouseford Academy. The campus paths were dotted with brightly COLORED T-shirts and backpacks as the students scurried around, greeting each other eagerly.
Professor Octavius de Mousus, the headmaster, stood at the school's main entrance.
He noticed some people gathering in a corner of the campus Garden. What was going on down there?
Just then, Julie scampered up too him, with a BIG SMILE on her face. "Hi, Professor! Would you like to cadastrar-se us in the garden? We're having a little snack of special Australian Food! We've just returned...
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