Germany Want Ur Opinions ..........

doggee posted on Sep 15, 2010 at 09:38AM
i have given a project in my German class:
i have to collect some German ppls' views about the concept 'ausziehen'. i'll give u some guiding questions:
(write Ur answers in English and number them plz.)
1.have u left Ur parents house i.e. 'ausgezogen''
2. what r the current trends in leaving home i.e.'ausziehen'?
3.what do youngsters think abt 'ausziehen' and what parents think abt it?
4. r u a na"sthocher or a na"stflu"chter?
5.r u or have u been to india for any reason?for how much time?what did u like and what u dislike in india?

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