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DrDevience posted on Nov 09, 2007 at 01:03PM
Not sure who created this spot, but it is one of my favorites.

Could I get someone to make a banner for it please? I'll grovel and everything.

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over a year ago DrDevience said…
Dave said he will add a banner if someone uploads one to the image gallery for him... I haven't got a banner program.

Can someone in this Spot do this for us? Please?

over a year ago Lars said…
I think we have banner program on this laptop but I cannot load pictures to Fanpop. I try to put one of San Diego and it not works for me.
over a year ago Lars said…
my upload looks different than yours does and it give me:

There was an IO error uploading sa 014.jpg

I have just try again in Boating
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Yeah I saw it. I wonder why the upload interface is different on that laptop than on mine? We both use Firefox.
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Thank You Dave!
over a year ago aholic said…
I like the banner (I know this is an old topic)

I use safari :) It always works and has spelling control.
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