Germany I'm going to Germany for a couple of years, suggest anything?

axlluver43 posted on Jan 13, 2009 at 11:04PM
I'm going to Germany for six years the max. I'm staying in an apartment with my brother Ryan in Berlin. Do you suggest anything for us to do doing the time were there?

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over a year ago germany123 said…
wow six years!?

erm..bring warm clothes :P

well there are definitely the regular sites you have to go see..the brandenburger tor, reichstag, museeumsinsel..thats all in the center and you will find it hard to miss those.
berlin is quite interesting since it well..used to be divided. so there are a lot of historical of the wall, checkpoint charlie etc
there is the sans soucis castle in postdam (aboot 40 min ootside of berlin).
and then lots of small shops, galleries etc in prenzlauer berg( a part of town)but in six years youll probably find oot more than me since ive only really been there for work!

but its a fun place to be atm..brangelina love it too :D
over a year ago Kaddison said…
since you'll stay for six years and not just a couple of weeks I strongly suggest you travel around if possible. There are a lot of interesting cities, Hamburg, Munich, esp. Munich. Germany is so different, even if you just take a look 100 ahead. Mannheim, Stuttgart, Regensburg!
over a year ago germany123 said…
^^ totally..oh and try to learn some german :)
most forgeigners i know never learn it cause people will always speak english to them
over a year ago ihavOTD said…
big smile
I dunno.... I am moving there too. What year are you moving?