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posted by LinaTrinch
This episode was so adorable ^.^

So, let's see. As I predicted from the last ep, Rex was still on the run from Providence, when he ran across a hidden village. Not even Providence knew about them.

Anyway, Rex is liking it here. The people are 'family' people, who appreciate Rex for his powers and hail him like a hero. Which is a completely different tune than what he gets at Providence.

The man that took him in, Jacob, quickly becomes Rex's friend. He's a father & a husband. His family (and the entire village) all seem like good, honest people. Jacob tells Rex that they are all engineers &...
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Rex once said after the omega nanite treatment, "..all I need to do is see the blueprint".Shortly after the electrical tentacle,he came up with sonic whoppers,electric axes,canister fists...yet he cannot make anything basic,such as a waterski. Basic, like a conveyor cinto, correia to use as a sheild to defend himself. And those huge clumsy fãs he uses to fly... Uncountable how many times he has crashed using those.Ever heard of a jet pack? A pair of helicopter blades(sharp ones too!)? Come on! Also he could use the yuese of some wheels to make his landing smoother. He could also try charging himself up with some solar panels.
He should really consider going to that "Brilliant enclave" of engineers.I mean,he did save their town por destroying Zag RX! They would be mais than happy to help him in making blueprints. Also Cesar seems a pretty smart guy...Yet he would be a bit too crazy.
posted by LinaTrinch
Kicking this ep off, Rex is in an abandoned (incredibly creepy) boarding school & doesn't know how he got there.
It switches to Holiday in the Keep talking to Six over a reciever. It's evident Rex is missing & they are both worried about him. Holliday even blames Six for it, but he just tells her to blame him later & find Rex now. She says they need to worry about him, too. It's obvious she cares about them both. She has Breach in custody & starts interrogating her.
Rex patches through to Providence & gets Holiday on the line. She explains what Six had told her about what...
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posted by LinaTrinch
Another awesome episode!! X3

Anyway, let's jump right in. Summary is courtesy of Wikipedia. (I get tired typing all that up.)

"Absorbing the nanites from cured EVOs takes its toll on Rex, and he is taken to a remote Providence base in the Arctic to have the excess nanites extracted. The base personnel are upset about the unscheduled visit, and Dr. Holiday has to threaten them to get Rex treatment. When he wakes up after the procedure, Rex finds the base personnel unconscious, Six, Holiday, and Bobo missing, and the Pack waiting outside. After burying the Pack in an avalanche, Rex goes back inside...
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added by JaceSol
This is the perfect song for Generator Rex. I'll put the lyrics in the comments.
simon curtis
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posted by Zutaraisbest
Hello, people of Generator Rex. I noticed that Lina hasn’t been doing reviews lately, so I thought that I may try it. It probably won’t be as good, but I’ll try.

Anywho! This episode starts off with Rex and Noah playing basketball, and Rex states that whoever makes the seguinte shot wins. He, shoots, and he misses.

Surprise, Surprise. I mean we all amor Rex, but he can’t make a basket to save his life.

Rex: Okay, whoever makes the seguinte shot is the all time champion.

Ahh, classic Rex. Anyways, Rex is about to make a shot when he gets a call on his little communicator. He leaves to take care...
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posted by LinaTrinch
... Nice. Episode in space... Honestly, though. Like we didn't see that coming with the title? Anyway.

We start off in (dur) space. Holiday and three other Providence scientists are on a o espaço station. Judging por each of their accents, they each seem to be from different parts of the world. Anyway, they're working with some nanites, to see if they can deactivate them. If it's possible, then regular soldiers will be able to cure Evos and they won't need Rex anymore. (Rex, Bobo, and Six are all watching, including White Knight.)

Anywho, they use the code from the cocky French guy (named Hoveie?)...
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J.K. Simmons dished to StarCam's Jennifer Tapiero at the GBK 2012 Oscar Gift Suite about what it's like balancing an atuação career with fatherhood, working on "Contraband" with Mark Wahlberg and his upcoming pilot.
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