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mangá readers help!

Okay so i wanna know something. I just watched episode 19 of Brotherhood so if you haven't seen that episode or read the mangá DO NOT READ FURTHER!
M pergunta is i was owatching ti and loved it so much, probably a perfect episode so beautiful with Luts's detah scene But they cut "Ling/ Lan fna vs. Envy scene. I got really mad because i was like "Ughh why didn't they include that! " So does anyone think there's a valid reason? i mean i guess they have a 25 minuto time span and can only show so much, and the Lust vs. mustang fight was mais important i suppose. Also is there any other huge and i mean like huge like this cuts from the manga? sorry if this seemed like a stupid question.
 Alchemistlover posted over a year ago
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XxLostAngelxX said:
I would imagine that they cut out Ling’s fight because of time constraints and the fact that the episode, as shown in the promo was meant to focus on Riza. In fact in the promo they make it appear that it is to be Riza who dies and not Lust. A nice way to trick the audience.
Brotherhood tends to stay perfectly in line with the manga, even the bulk of the dialogue was taken right from the text. This is amazing for an animê because I am all too used to people taking their own ideas and running with it.
There are of course several scenes which were removed from the anime. It’s difficult for me to remember all of them right now but I can name a few.
They cut the chapter which shows how Ed and Al tricked Yoki with the false gold. That scene where Riza’s father dies was altered a lot to make him seem a bit mais sympathetic and dying of an illness rather than mysteriously. They cut out tons of Royai scenes and I do mean TONS. Oh and the last volume was cut like crazy for the anime. They don’t even show you what happened to Al’s armor and Riza and Roy were not in a hospital room together at the end. They were in separate emergency hospital tents because the hospital was destroyed in Father’s attack.
It was really cute too because Riza’s lying there on her cot calling out for Roy because she’s so damn worried about him.
Then at the end, Hohenhiem and Trisha are reunited as spirits and he tells her about what happened with Ed and they walk off together.

Like I said I can’t remember all of the things that were cut out but for the most part Brotherhood stuck to what Arakawa wrote so you didn’t really miss much.

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posted over a year ago 
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