Frostclan New Warriors!

Mousefang posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 06:33PM
" Let all cats old enough to catch prey for their clan join beneath the Moontree for a clan meeting! " I yoweld
" Leafpaw, Chillpaw, and Hailpaw are ready to become warriors. Step forward, do you promise to uphold the warrior cade even to the cost of your life?"
"yes!" they all replied
" Then by the powers of Starclan i make you full warriors of Frostclan, you shall be knowen as
Leafspots, Chillfur, and Hailstorm!"
i jump off the Moontree and head to my den.

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over a year ago Rustyfireheart said…
over a year ago Cinderstar said…
over a year ago Mousefang said…
wow Moonfrost. and they worked hard to become warriors.
over a year ago Rustyfireheart said…
big smile
"Im just tired."
over a year ago Cinderstar said…
i can understand tht *yawns*
over a year ago Rustyfireheart said…
"Welcome, young warriors" *Looks at them greatfully*