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posted by hunter51
heres a poem about fairys

Light slips 'round ageless trees
shadows dance on whispered breez
fairys choose to gather here
tempted mortals staying near

Look carefully as fairys hide
& wait for beleivers to come inside
keeping them for ano & day
'ere no longer they wish to stay

Ethernal magic fills this place
so tread carefully among there space
as natures gaurdians they defend
fairys protect both início & freind

While caring for the earth each day
mischief & pranks are there way
to reming common man of there power
they enchant dia & evening hour

So leave a gift for fairy folk
underneath the tallest oak
and if you believe...only then

can you enter...FAIRY GLEN

The cold wind swept past with a mighty roar. A robust warrior stands alone at the summit of the icy mountains of Gihndala. He holds a great axe, stained with the blood of many foes. Some of them fools, others honorable opponents. Yet it is this warrior who stands tall today, the chilling gusts seem to take no effect as he stands proudly on the mountain. His body muscular and full of scars that tell the tales of many furious battles. Yes, this is a hero even the gods would be proud of. But this story is not about this man. No, this story is about a different kind of hero.

Chapter One

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posted by prim17luvr101
The Vampire Academy series por Richelle Mead (#1 Vampire Academy, #2 Frostbite, #3 Shadow Kiss, #4 Blood Promise, #5 Spirit Bound, #6 Last Sacrifice)-vampires (moroi & damphirs)

The Harry Potter series por J.K. Rowling (#1 The Sorcerer's Stone, #2 The Chamber of Secrets, #3 The Prisoner of Azkaban, #4 The Goblet of Fire, #5 The Order of the Phoenix, #6 The Half-Blood Prince, #7 The Deathly Hallows)-witches/wizards and other stuff

The Immortal Beloved series por Cate Tiernan (#1 Immortal Beloved, #2 Darkness Falls, #3 Eternally Yours)-immortal & magical powers

The Darkest Powers series...
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posted by Knowitall123


Kabouter (Dutch) - Little people that live underground, in mushrooms, or as house spirits
Kachina (Hopi and Puebloan) - Nature spirit
Kage-onna (Japanese) - Shadow of a woman cast on the paper doors of a haunted house
Kahaku (Japanese) - Little people and water spirits
Kajsa (Scandinavian) - Wind spirit
Kalakeyas (Hindu) - Descendents of Kala
Kallikantzaroi (Greek) - Grotesque, malevolent spirit
Kamaitachi (Japanese) - Wind spirit
Kami (Japanese) - Nature spirit
Kamikiri (Japanese) - Hair-cutting spirit
Kanbari-nyūdō (Japanese) - Bathroom spirit
Kanbo (Japanese) - Drought spirit
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posted by elsafan1010
"It's raining guys! It's pretty strong already, so how about a break from the race?" the duty teacher advised. Despite saying this, she was without an umbrella and was wearing a thin, short dress.

"Whatever happens, that chocolate will be mine!" said Candy.

"No, it will be mine!" ' Justin snapped.

" Whoever has the chocolate, the vegetables are important! So eat lots of vegetables like broccoli, carrots and the like." ' the duty teacher advised. Her blond hair was already stuck to her face, and her dress was wet.

Benny, Justin, Andy, Clara, Candy, Zoe and Thomas thought the teacher had no taste...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
"Why must we do this?" Arawn sighed, rolling his wide red eyes. "Because. Prisca asked me to get wood in case of an emergency." "Or was it just to send you away a little?" "Shut up Arawn! Besides, you're not allowed to talk. So zip it." Aden hissed, whirled around, and slapped his wolf's mouth shut. With that out of the way, he turned and began his procurar again. In his small town, their wasnt much warmth because of how close they lived to the arctic seas. It sounds strange yes, but when the icy winds blow sixty miles an hora across a freezing ice capped ocaan into your neighborhood? Brr. Aden...
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posted by elsafan1010
Vampires. Two long, pointed teeth. Bloodthirsty creatures. Monsters. Garlic and sun enemies. Aren't these the first things that come to mind when you think of a vampire? No, you shouldn't first think of blood, sun enemies, or hateful monsters. Every vampire has a unique backstory, a painful event, and then a vow to never leave himself pitiful again. Jane thought just like you before she became a vampire. This is Jane's story. I just have to warn you, happy endings only happen in fairy tales. This isn't a fairy tale, it's a vampire story.

After Miss Kenner took attendance, she asked the students...
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I wrote this about ten years ago. It's the first poem of a four part series.

Spring Maiden

A new dawn rises
clear skies all around
the birds chirp and sing
for the birth of the first dia of spring

The sun shines brightly
upon fresh green leaves
wild flores bloom in the woods
as different kinds of blossom awaken
upon the new branches of the trees

In the south is a river
the breeze is warm and at it's best
silver waterfalls shimmer in the sunlight
pixies, dwarfs and nymphs come out to cause mischief
before their beloved spring ends

Deep in the woods
within the flor beds
lies a beautiful faery
with golden hair...
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Two
Kariarelm, For the First Time

    A soothing scent filled my nostrils, of flores and nature. Finally, I was able to open my eyes. The ground felt soft and almost cozy. Just a few inches ahead of me, a pond bubbled. Something about this place seemed familiar somehow...I dipped my tail in the water; it was pleasantly cool.
    Wait a minute. Since when did I have a tail?
    I stretched my head toward the water, trying to see my reflection, and bracing myself for the worst.
    A feline face stared back at...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
     Mrs. Bangelle sat in her study inspecting the sample of Miguel's blood. It was dry and the color rust. He had delicious looking blood. It had very easily come off the knife, and had instantly made her true form show. She loved blood. It made her mouth water. Miguel couldn't stand the way it tasted. When it got in his mouth he made a horrible face and spat for hours. But when it was outside his mouth, he was fascinated por it. But still, he loved violence.. Another asset to his becoming.
    But it bothered her that he also had a gentle side, a caring...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
Gabby felt a deep sting in her shoulder blade. She touched her travesseiro and found blood. but she had not cut herself, had she? There was no trace of anyone being there or anything like a faca on her whole bed. The she remembered the vision of sweet Miguel. He had gotten cut.... But how did that equal her getting cut? She was afraid. She was slowly but surely falling in amor with a boy she didn't even know and now she was being cut por a faca that was not there in the same place as her. This was getting strange. Then she remembered, the reception was today.
"Oh my God!! It's today!" she yelled....
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posted by ilovesonic14
In some place was a little dream. Who dreamt it unknown. Such a little dream it was. The little dream thought," I don't want to vanish like this, how can i make people?" The little dream thought, and thought, and finally came up with an idea."I could let people stray into me, and create their own world."

First Alice courageously sword in one hand entered in Wonderland. She cut down many things nd killed many people, on her way to make out her bright red colour. Alice was deep in the forest. locked in as a sinner.In addition to the way the forest was made... her life was a real mystery. The...
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posted by MikaylaRH
OK I remember when I was little leitura stories about the cute little princess, evil bad guys, and no story was complete with out the handsome prince comming to the rescue and the evil blood-sucking-bad-person was defeated and happily ever after.
And I think the reason fantasia exists is because people needed to escape the fact they were living in a cruel harsh world just for a minuet and think about happy things.
Then someone came along and decided that vampiros Were wolfs and demons were CUTE! WTF? Has every one forgotten what those are?!!! Come on people! And frankly I'm kinda sick of the...
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Zaren sits in a lawn chair down por the water with his sunglasses hanging off the side of the chair, his red eyes staring up at the sky. His right arm in a sling, he pops a pain pill into his mouth followed por a drink of water.

Airlo comes down to him from the temple "Your back? I thought you'd be off with your little friend."

"No, she didn't show so I came back." he says back with a hint of disappointment.

"Well I'm actually glad I don't have to go get you now." he says standing seguinte to the chair.

Zaren looks up at him with a confused look "Why?"

"You must have forgotten... you have to go on the...
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Eve Dipalo stared up at the brick building. It looked the same but it felt so different, so... weird... "oof!" Someone pushed Eve aside and ran off into the school. Eve was about to say something, but she thought better of it. Besides, who would even listen to her of all people? She sighed and pushed open the doors to the school.

Right when she walked in she felt out of place. She pulled a piece of white paper from her backpack's side pocket and studied it. She walked over to one of the bright red 7th grade lockers and glanced back down at the paper to check her combination. she tried her locker...
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A Mayan pyramid sits on what looks like a giant rock and standing above that is a teenager of about seventeen. Thunder booms and lightning strikes all around but this seems to not affect the boy. Helicopters are spotted a little ways in the distance and military issue boats come towards the island.

The person in charge uses his binoculars and sees the boy at the top. He puts them away "Target sided, everybody mover in for the capture of Zaren Michaels." He says then the motion to the rest of the troops and they all get onto the island. As soon as they all set foot on the island, all hell breaks...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
The door gently opened, and there stood her father in his dark black suit and his gray over jacket. His long black hair tied back in a ribbon and his face freshly shaven and he looked absolutely immaculent, but his face was full of displeasure.
"Dearest Gabbreille, I have intense news to tell you. Your wedding has been moved up to seguinte week. It is no longer in a month. It will be a small change and will affect almost nothing else."
"What? seguinte week? But that's too soon!"she felt sick and deludded.
"I know it feels like that right now but soon you'll be married and it will all be fine."
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posted by nikkiluvzu
The picnic had reminded her of a funeral. It had been very quiet ( with the exception of a very very vain Donte' talking of him self and nothing else.) His mother had tried to converse with her, but Donte' had interrupted her at every turn he could. She could tell that his mother was getting very irritated with him and so was she....
    "So Gabrielle, what do you think of this lovely weather we have been having lately? I for one just adore it....." she had started to have small talk with her then..
    "Well i just hate it because humidity makes my...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
     Miguel walked slowly up the stairs and back to his bedroom. Mrs.Bangelle had made him work on etiquette for the three hours he had missed and even after it stopped raining, she had made him stay inside for lunch. Though she usually let him out so he could play futebol at midday when they ate, she complained even of that today. No surprise there.                         "If you go outside in the wet grama you'll slip on the grama and get your pants all...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Gabby opened her eyes feeling the dark circles underneath coming up to the surface. "Gurtrude, can you please come in and help me?" She yelled. The elderly maid came in so fragile and danity that she seem a little younger.
    "Hello and goodmorning Ms. Gabrielle Conrad. Are you going to the picnic with your fiancé Mr. Donte' and his mother this afternoon?" She asked politely. Tightening the corset around her torso much to tight. But Gabby didn't say a word.
"Actually, yes, I am...." She replied reluctantly.
     Further more, Gurtrude...
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