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posted by Icestorm727
CHAPTER ONE!: Kira weaved swiftly through the other cavalos to reach his friends Kania, Hiram, and Miskito. "Hi Kira!" Kania said sweetly. "Where have you been? I was.. I mean we were worried you were caught por humans!" "Yeah. You need to tell us where you go now your parents aren't here." said Hiram. Kira's parents had abandoned him and left the herd to the rival herd when he was too young. Miskito came and rubbed up against Hiram. "Now don't be harsh, Hiram." She said gently,"That was a long time ago. He was 9 weeks then. He is 1 ano now. Let it go." Miskito and Hiram were going to mate when it was breeding season. "Sorry Kira." apologized. "So wanna go eat?" Kania suggested. "Sure!" everyone agreed eagerly.
Kira had been thinking of a way to ask Kania to mate with him while they ate the lovely green grass. seguinte season was breeding season for all the young horses.
To Be Continued.
posted by Icestorm727
That night Kira dreamed of him as a Pegasus. And he had mated with Kania and there was 3 baby Pegasuses. He woke up with a jolt. "Oh it was just a dream." Kira said with relief.
The seguinte morning Kira went to the pond for a drink with Kania. It was clear Kania wanted to mate with Kira. It was the herd's code for the male to ask the female to mate. "Um Kania." Kira hesitated. "Yes Kira."Kania said with the pond reflecting in her eyes. "I was thinking we could um....Mate?" Kira studderd his sea blue eyes locking on Kania's shy black eyes. "Yes. I will." Kania said. Kira was giddy and relieved. Kira walked up and rubbed his cheek against Kania's. Kania rested her head on Kira's black back.
END OF CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!