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 Lois and Peter in cama
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This uma familia da pesada fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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Family Guy Script
Episode: ###
Stewie Quagmire
Summary: When Stewie gets a cold, Lois is forced to take him to the doctor, where his birth certificate shows up, revealing that he’s Quagmire’s son.

Key: ( ) = location
{ } = info
[ ] = Action
/ = commercial break
(Griffin house)
(Living Room)

[Family sitting on sofá watching TV]

Dianne Simpsons: In local news the, a cold academic has swept through Quahog.
Tom Tucker: Well, Dianne I’m not sure if it’s an academic. It’s just a cold.
Dianne: Do you really have to contradict everything I say?
Tom: I’m just saying, it happens once a year, it’s...
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link Review por Connie Norberg

Surprises come in small packages when Brian does not receive his invitation to his ex-girlfriend, Jillian’s wedding. In fact, the entire Griffin Family receives an invite to her wedding including the extra invite for a B. Ryan who happened to be staying at the Griffin’s house for a few weeks. This sends Brian in a downward spiral in denial. So Stewie offers Brian a lunch encontro, data to meet Jillian’s fiancé, Derrick. This is where Brian ultimately discovers he is no match for the new man in Jillian’s life. He seemed rather competitive when her fiancé read the...
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Stewie Griffin and Jerry rato dancing with Gene Kelly
uma familia da pesada
gene kelly
jerry rato
Peter finds another use for toilet plungers
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Peter steals a giraffe from the zoo and wreaks havoc on the neighborhood. Season 5: Episode 8.
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season 5
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