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looking for the instrumental (playback) version of the austrian song "nur ein lied" 1989  talsch 0 1313 over a year ago
Make your list from favorito to Least favorito for 2012 (you CAN also place your country)  Schnusch 0 2363 over a year ago
2012 - Give Your Points To The Contestants! (don't choose your own country)  Schnusch 0 1435 over a year ago
looking for a song Bleu Bleu le ciel est Bleu  davejk65 0 2172 over a year ago
2011 - give your points to the contestants! (dont choose your own country)  Schnusch 8 2988 over a year ago
segundo Semi-Final  Emmanouela96 2 2071 over a year ago
topo, início 10 Eurovision 2010 Songs!!!  mariafan 7 2758 over a year ago
Karaoke Version of Satellite Now available!  ksfkaraoke 0 1795 over a year ago
I'm allready sold por this Belgian entry :)  metalpope 2 1210 over a year ago
First Semi-final  Emmanouela96 0 1068 over a year ago
Amazing ESC/Michael Jackson mash-up  p3banden 0 845 over a year ago
Not fair  Ratdog 14 1592 over a year ago
Viva Evrovition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  xat-fk 0 3255 over a year ago
Dutch Forum!!  Alexander_Rybak 0 2019 over a year ago
Your topo, início 10!!!!  rose2 3 2392 over a year ago
belle and the devotions 1984 UK entry  paddylad 0 2547 over a year ago
Hadise's favourite música  Soulsendikasi 0 2237 over a year ago
The UK's Jade is really funny  Dollywotsit 0 2542 over a year ago
Moskow online!  Nekto 0 2551 over a year ago
Information Needed About Eurovision - Countries Still Accepting Songs?  stuart1 0 2093 over a year ago
Eurovision 2008  aholic 34 3777 over a year ago
Oops  Ratdog 2 1561 over a year ago
Where Can I download all the song from 2008 on to my ipod??  RainbowGeek819 4 1582 over a year ago
1956-?  Rockster 3 1532 over a year ago
Favourite ESC 2008 songs!!  eisai_xazo 1 1302 over a year ago
Recording ESC on a computer  SoundStudent 0 1297 over a year ago
The Line Up for the British final  Ratdog 4 1051 over a year ago
winner??  eisai_xazo 3 1124 over a year ago