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soulslinger:sad face espio just texted me something
nicole:what is it
soulslinger:look :.(
nicole:starts crying
text:hey soulslinger! can youplease do me a favor? tell nicole its over between us
nicole:hugs soulslinger
slinger:it will be okay you can always go for polo and flame
nicole:you know your right your the best friend anyone could have
soulslinger:blushes and smiles
nicole:i like polo bye!
soulslinger:bye winks
espio:runs in door really fast
soulslinger:what the heck do you want
espio:well the reason i broke upwith nicole is so i can start...
soulslinger:start what
espio:to start dating you blushes
soulslinger:oh gosh really blush
espio:ya kisses soulslinger on the lips
soulslinger:melts into espios kiss
nicole:oh polo
nicole:kisses polo on the cheek
flame:what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay tuned for part 2
Espio the Chameleon smiled as he held his friend's child happily. Vector had just had a son named Alex. He was a crocbunny who had Vanilla's ears mixed with Vector's stature. He looked like a miniature bunny with a croc, which was a bit weird. Espio wasn't really good around kids, especially newborns. But yet he still wanted kids of his own. One to call him Daddy. First though, he needed someone to amor and one to amor him back. Shadow had Maria, Sonic had Sally, and Vector had Vanilla. "May I have my son back, Espio sweetie?" Said Vanilla tiredly. Who knew labor was that hard on a mom. Cream...
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There is a official Sonic group on SL with people who face claim the main cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Since we are the ONLY Sonic group amongst the millions of people that play (Crazy right?) we are trying to rebuilt the cast on this virtual world. If you get chosen to join, you will be given a Full on Espio avatar along with many other things to get you started. If you do not get chosen, there are still other spots available.

Current cast:
Sonic The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog
Knuckles The Echidna
Miles "Tails" Prower

Note: As of right now none of these are permanent, people come and go. If you like to cadastrar-se you will need a Skype account. You don't need to voice chat or anything, its just easier to keep the team together.