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Cammie said:
From one creator of an Elizabeth club/group to another: Awesome!

I love your photos. Besides what's available on the internet, I myself have over 300 photos that I've been collecting for over 30 years, yet there's a few you have in your photo gallery that I haven't seen before.
Although I did create this spot for Elizabeth, it belongs to everyone. Unlike some other fansites this spot won't just disappear even it ever I felt the need to delete it. That's the great thing about Fanpop - a spot is for all to share,contribute to and enjoy.
However, because I have contributed much of the content that exists in this spot I want to thank you for the kind words you left on the link to this spot. Lovely of you to recommend this spot on Fanpop and refer to the photos as lovely.
I know you wrote it in Spanish but I understood,lol!

Btw, welcome to Fanpop!
posted over a year ago.
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