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Shepard14 posted on Sep 05, 2010 at 10:14PM
I just thought of this yesterday, so I figured I would share

My very first character was a Druid named Vaileena Siannodel...she died while fighting Medusa....I was turned into a statue, leaving my companions to kill the creature, and when they were done, they found a stone to flesh potion. I was happy, I figured YAY I'M NOT DEAD....however, they shoved me through the portal (opened by an evil sorceror, also a tie-in to the next module) and once out of it,they poured the potion on me. However, the potion had a 50% chance of killing me....which it did

So, no big deal..I created a new character
(this is going to take a while, so hold tight)
*deep breath*
The created a gnome, and her name was.......
(wait for it...)
Caramip Bimpnottin Duvamil Mardnab Ellywick Fnipper Stubleduck Ningel

She died after falling unconscious and my companions picked me up to run from the room, and forgot there was a trap on the staircase, and we were all engulfed in flames. Bigby, the great Cleric, came to save us, and only brought back the characters whose alignment was good (tough luck for me...again)

SO, I have created a 3RD character named Roda, a rogue...I recently had a scrape with death.. I was trying to save my companion from being killed by a Hill Giant, when he picked me up, and threw me onto a net, covering a large cravice in the floor. Next thing I know, I am surrounded by 10 tentacles coming up through the net. I pull out my Composite longbow and shoot at him...Well, as fate would have it, he caught me in his slimy grasp and paralyzed me. and attemped to eat me. Well, the net I was laying on snapped and I fell to the bottom of the 40 feet deep crevice and laid there paralyzed while my companions finished off the bad guys..
So, I began to sense a pattern, EVERY TIME i have died, it was while I was immobile and unable to move...
Thankfully...Roda still lives and is intent of finding the treaure of Castle Greyhawk...

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over a year ago bzzzbee said…
hehe that sucks