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Courtney's POV

I was sitting in court. No sign of Duncan. I knew he'd never take this seriously.

Judge: well since the husband is not present Im assuming full custody of your soon to be new born child goes to the defendant. Do you have the papers and the signature from your spouse.

Courtney: yes mam.

Judge: perfect, well if there are any objections to this divorce or reasons for the defendant to deny claims to the divorce.
(I have no idea what that means I just made it up.) please speak now.

Duncan: OBJECTION. what ever that means.

Judge: would someone remove him!

Duncan: wait I have something...
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Duncan and Courtney, have been dating for a couple of weeks now and nobody in their family knew about them. Duncan and Courtney made sure to keep their relationship on the downlow, which was very hard to do because Duncan's friends always wanting him to hang with them and Courtney's nanny checking up on her all the time.

Our seguinte scene takes place in the evening and Duncan is dropping Courtney off at her house after their date.

Duncan:*they climb up onto her balcony*well, I'll see you later Princess. I amor you.

Courtney:I amor you too Duncan*she kisses him, but it soon turns into a heated make...
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Duncan POV

I cant beleive what happend last night. it was i cant exsplan but it was good. Courtney is in the bathroom she semend mad a me.

Courtney are you ok said Duncan

yeah said Courtney

in the bathroom Courtneys POV

I wonder if Duncan used protection if he didnt our parents will ne right about duncan.

are you coming out soon asked duncan

yeah ill be out in 5 min said courtney

5 min later

courtney comes into the room dressed

so i have to go get my cheek said duncan

ok im going to go call Bridgette ok said courtney

ok ill be back in a houer or so said duncan

ok she gave him a huge and a kiss

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Duncan's P.O.V
I can't believe I, Duncan Caliver, to encontro, data Courtney. I'm Really exited.
No one's P.O.V
"DUNCAN" His father shouted,"where do you think your going?" Duncan knew his parents wouldn't let him go if he told the truth. "To see a friend, I'm going to a party." Then Duncan mumbled, Stupid uptight brat won't bring Alcohol" He made sure it was just loud enough for his dad to hear. "Fine, but be back por 10, Got it?" "Whatever" Duncan said nonchalantly.

Court's P.O.V
UH, why am i fussing over my hair and outfit? ITS DUNCAN! When i told my parents I was going on a encontro, data they were mais than happy...
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posted by milorox18
"You're not my type." She said firmly and walked away.

Yeah, like I was going to let that happen. I know she wants me, and I'll prove it.

"We'll just see about that, Princess," I muttered darkly "We'll just see."

That night I snuck into the girls cabine and roubou all of Courtney's clothes. When I got to her bras and cuecas I was expecting to see granny panties and a sports bra. That's definitly not what I got. I pulled out a black lacy bra and a matching thong.

"Ooh, Princess has a wild side." I said, asmusment clear in my voice.

I pulled out a nice, lacy green, peice of lingerie. "Oh ho, Princess,...
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HEy i got my computer back so i can do long fanfic here-
duncan walks in with bags under his eyes and owen asks, "Dude what happened to you?"

duncan said aggrivated, "i was in the girls' trailer."

owens eyes grew wide and said, "OH duncan you-"

"i was TALKING to courtney about our relationship- might i say it was so not manly- but we talked and we ended with we are gonna give this another try now if you excuse me i am going to sleep."

okay everything is the same until the mess hall here:
duncan walks in and says, "hey hot stuff."

courtney says, "hey i'd rather you call me princess for once."

he smiles...
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My Princess was in a coma?
Yeah,that ws obvious!
Thirty minutos after the surgery she was still not responding.
All of our friends cam in and brought "congrats" and "baby girl" and "baby boy" baloons,but unfortunately for Courtney there were "get well" baloons too.
I was left alone,and cried into her chest.
"So,are you leaving me?"
Her heartbeat got slower and slower.
"You can't leave!You have kids now!You don't want them to remember you por stories do you do?"
Courtney's heartbeat got even slower.
"Listen...I really loved you...all this time....and I hope you always know that."
I cried even harder,and...
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Made por TheRealTDICourtneyi
posted by sugarsweet076
Duncan's p.o.v
I sat in juvie and waited for someone to bail me out.

"Let me go" I heard someone yelling.

I looked Out the window to see this girl stuggling to the door.


"NO!" was all she was saying.She got losse and run too the desk.She grabbed a faca that the person was using to cut her hogie.

"Back away now!"

"Look...you can leave just put the faca down now"
She put the faca down and started to leave.but they got her and put her in the "room"The 'room was like the hole in jail.No light.just you.

After they let her out she went in the room seguinte to me.I could see her face so i couldn't...
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posted by lolibarbie
Well, I sure didn't believe that he would go this far. No one did. I just kept a straight face and ran through the halls to my seguinte class. Even though I knew I would just face mais humility.

I got to my class and sat as far away from people as possible, did my work, and avoided all the looks. They had always told me I should be with him, and now he just has to be himself in all situations. Even with me.

I rush to math, my only class with him, and stood in the hall, waiting. Of course he came too soon and I had to do something. You just can't forgive something like that.

You just can't forgive...
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OK sorry I totally forgot about this story because of all of the dxg stuff going on now so again sorry! Hope you like it!

Duncan's POV: I opened my eyes slowly to hear the theme song of family guy playing. I smiled a little. I slung my legs over the side of my cama and rubbed my face. I changed the channel to the news.

The reporter said, "Well, this mês there's amor in the air! A lawyer, and a great one at that, is getting married to a Doctor we all know and amor Justin Monroe. We spotted his lovely soon to be bride shopping for a wedding dress...
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*** Before you read this you have to go listen to Heartbreaker por Pat Benetar even though it's from the 70's. Sorry the song fit!!!I don't usually listen to anything that isn't from somewhere near the 2000's. But go listen 'cause this'll sound a lot better with it.

Courtney's P.O.V.

It was just another dia on Total Drama World Tour. Until he showed up.

"Duncan!" Gwen exclaimed in delight and ran up to hug him. I watched with a scowl as she clung to him. She looked so happy and so seguro in his arms. It's so comfortable there.....That should've been me. I snatched my violão, guitarra from its stand and...
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posted by dXcFan14
It was a warm, sunny day. The campers had to get into pairs and have a race up the cliff.

Twenty minutos later and Chef, dressed as Mr. T, announced to the winners the reward.

"So, you wanna know what your small prize is?" Mr. T said to the winning team, Duncan and Courtney.

"Yeah" Courtney breathed wistfully.

Duncan smirked at Chef's ridiculous outfit, if you can call it that, and just nodded.

"A snickers bar" he sneered.

"Is that it?!" Duncan exclaimed, wide-eyed.

"Snickers bar, get some NUTS!" Chef exclaimed at the onyx-eyed girl.

"Im allergic to peanuts" Courtney said.

"Some ice-cream" Chef said....
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Chris came on stage, with a buch of guilded chris'. "Hello ex-campers ex-actors ex-singers."

"BOOO" The whole room blows up. Mallory, Bridgette, Courtney, Katie, Duncan, Geoff, and D.J. are all at the same table. Courtney seguinte to Bridgette seguinte to Geoff seguinte to D.J. seguinte to Katie seguinte to Mallory, seguinte to Duncan, so yes, Duncan and Courtney are sitting seguinte to eachtoher...SOMEONE GET THE POLICE!!

"Well! I guess you people don't want these awards!"

"Fine, okay whatever." The hole room says.

"Best Punk/ Goth, a tie with Duncan and Gwen!" They go up and get their Chris'. award after award.
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posted by TDIloverForever
[Courtney's POV] I slowly opened my eyes, with Duncan staring at me, with his baby-blue eyes, like he always did when he was happy. "Good Morning Princess." He said sweetly. "H-hi." I said leaning forward. There were cords and flashing machines, everywhere. I pointed to one of the machines. "Oh, there taking test on Reese, and Ryleigh." Duncan said quickly. "W-what?!?!" I yelled. "Are they even allowed to do that?" "Uh um, yes?" Duncan said, looking for an answer. I calmed down and said, "I want to see them, right now." "Oh Kay. Lets wait for a nurse." Duncan walked over to my bed, and sat...
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"So, man what's this girl, I heard you went into her house."My best friend, Geoff, nudged me.

I leaned against the mural of his house as I pulled out a cigar."Nothing dude, I was just helping her mover in some boxes into her house, that's all."I said.

She scratched his head in disbelief."R.i.g.h.t."He said, sarcastically. I took out my lighter and lit the cigar, as I inhaled in deeply. Geoff coughed from the smoke the cigar produced."Dude, you really need to stop smoking those, man. There bad for your lungs, and they give you really bad breath."

I rolled my eyes."So what, it calms me, and helps...
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Courtney's P.O.V.

"I just noticed something." I commented, pausing where I was leading the hike.
Duncan looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
"Izzy wasn't at the clearing."
"Duh, crazy girl got lost." Heather rolled her eys and kept walking.
I bit my lip. You never knew what Izzy was doing and for all we know she could be up in the mountains, causing landslides to whoever passed.

Gwen's P.O.V.

Ugh, why is it so hot here? And what's with all the bugs? I thought, lashing out at the many insects circling my head. And where was Duncan? I wanted to...
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"Yes.Yes you do."
The doctor told Courtney.
His voice sounded familiar.
Like someone from a long time ago....
I yelled angrily.
"Babe I'll be fine."
Courtney smiled weakly at me,holding my hand.
Something told me she wouldn't be okay.
"Well,it looks like you're getting close to the segundo birth,but I'll have you do some relaxation meditation to soothe you,and give you mais time until you give birth.You look like you need rest."
Courtney didn't breathe for a few seconds,and then slowly sighed...
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When I came back from the drugstore,Courtney was already asleep.I put the medicine for her on the nightstand so in case she needed anything I could give it to her.I wrapped my arms around her and then she woke up."Duncan...are you sure you want the baby?Don't say yes just because I said I did.""Princess,I do want the child.Remeber that it's you's and mine.Now stop talking about the baby and get some sleep.You'll wish you had mais once the baby starts making you uncomfortable."All I heard from her then was a moan,then she fell asleep.Courtney woke up again at one a.m.She headed to the bathroom,but...
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Courtney's pov.

I woke up in some bed, I had no clue where I was at first. I looked over to see Duncan asleep seguinte to me. I quickly checked to see if my cloths were still on and they were. 'Thank god' I thought.
I leaned to the side of the cama to grab my phone and see what time it is.
'4;46pm, man I've slept the dia away' I thought.
I laid back down. Then I felt Duncan shift on the bed, he leaned up and looked down at me.
"Why good morning Princess", He said as he stretched.
"More like good afternoon. What even happen last night? The last thing I remember was coming back inside after we smoked...
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