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posted by crystalpotato
Kevin: Duncan did you get her to tell us were the diamond was?

Duncan: nope, I need mais time.

Kevin: if we wait any longer the cops will find us. Just threaten to kill her.

Duncan: I did. But she's strong and for some reason I don't scare her.

Kevin: fine! We'll find some one else to tell us. Just kill her.

Duncan: I... I can't

Keivin: wait a minute. You FOOL YOU'VE fallen in amor with her!!!

Duncan: NO! Only a idiot would fall in amor with a prisoner.

Kevin: then why won't you kill her?

oi I haven't been on fanpop for a while and I just wanted to write a new article. School starts in September so I Probley gonna be Alot before I start. Any way if your alittle confused I'll just tell you the plot of the story

Courtney the princess of Elbracka knows were every diamond in the entire kingdom is. Includeing a very rare diamond that is hidden on her necklace. She lives a life of luxury until some criminals from across the world come to steal her diamond from her.
posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: I promise to undate on amor is Blind but first I gonna show some of my latest stories I've written lately.

A secret Love

“Can I help you?” Courtney asked politely and he smirked, looking up and down her body, Courtney rolled her eyes at that action. She knew exactly what she looked like and also knew boys like him only wanted her for her looks and nothing else.

“I can think of a few things” he purred huskily looking up and down her body slowing and she scowled in response.

“If you think for one segundo that I’m some dumb blonde fake boob bimbo then get the hell out of this library”...
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I woke up on a Friday, tired and cranky. I looked at my alarm clock, '6:30' it read. "I have to get going, damn frickin school..." I grunted as I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and left. I had gotten on the motorcycle my mother got for me for my 16th birthday, it had skull stickers on it, and was dark black, totally my dream bike. I had ridden to my girlfriend's, Courtney's house, knocked on her door, to have her dad in front of me, he never really liked me, but like i give a damn. "Duncan." said Courtney's dad. "Evan.." I said smirking. He looked like he was gonna kill me....
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posted by SkaterGurl13
oi guyz! I'm new on this site..but I've been a DxC fã 4 like, EVER! This is a new story, so I hope u like it!

Courtney's POV: "Set, hike!" I said as I drew back my right arm and threw the football. Andrew caught the ball and started running for the touchdown zone. He scored and did a weird dance as he threw the ball to the ground.

"Evans!" the coach yelled.

I put my hands on my hips and looked up to the sky. I jogged toward the coach and said, "Yeah, coach?"

"Evans, we've been over this. You've gotta get rid of the ball faster. Look, you're one of the best quaterbacks I've ever seen and I don't...
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posted by IloveDxC
Total Drama Revenge of the Island is coming out in 2012. V. Soon. Some of the old contestants would make appearances (fingers crossed). See there is still hope, no point in giving up in the 1st place. Hopefully they might invite all the old contestants in the last episode.

They are also making a Season 5 which would have the old contestants and the new contestants. I don't know when that one is coming out, but I'm really happy that there is a chance DxC might be back together. Again.

It is said in a deleted video that Duncan + Courtney were kissing. But I missed it. This video was supposed 2 be in either season 4 or 5. I'm not sure. But I'm very happy though.

Post your opinion in comments.
~Easy come.Easy Go. That's just how you live ohh take take take it all but you never give~ I stood there in my room, me and Duncan got back together but it just doesn't feel right. He took a lot of my money but won't say thanks or give me something in return. ~Should've known. You was trouble from the first kiss.Had your eyes wide open.Why were they open?~ I remembered back on TDI when we had our first kiss.It just didn't feel right.Bridgette said she was watching and his eyes was open the whole time,well until the end of it.Everyone kept telling me he was trouble but i couldn't see through...
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Hi, everyone, this is for IAD, and I know your waiting for the TwoShot of Kung Fu fighting, I am almost finish. I just haven't been allowed on the computer lately, that's why. Okay so this story is kinda freaky, but I just loved this picture I saw on devintart so let's begin.

Crying was easy, but the feeling was killing.

Just when I starting falling mais in amor with you, the worst happens; that decieving little monster inside you breaks through, and crushes ever single piece of my heart...that you had put together.

I tried harder...
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posted by bluejeans28
Courtney's POV:

"Hi honey! Happy birthday!" I said to my fiance Mason. "Uh huh" he was texting away on his phone probably about work.

"I thought today we would go out for a fancy jantar and maybe later we can go back to the house and we could possibly set a date." "Uh" he closed his phone. "Well sweety, I really just don't want to rush things between us." "Yeah your right."

I almost screamed! We have been engaged for 3 years! I guess when we do finally set a encontro, data all of my waiting will pay off.

"Alright sweety have a good dia at work." I said in a sweet voice. "Uh huh"

I puckered my lips to kiss...
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duncan-*at courtney house ringing on her door bell*
courtney-hello? oh its you wat do u want?
duncan-i want you back!
courtney-*slams door*
duncan-*puts foot in front of door b4 it gets slamed all the way*
duncan-i want you back ok i am really sorry about me cheating on you with..gwen
courtney-keep going!
duncan-and you know i miss you and i broke up with gwen and i feel really bad so would you like to go on a encontro, data friday?
courtney-i dont know i am still pretty pissed?!
duncan-oh please i would walk on broken glass for you
courtney-ugh fine *get a contract out*
duncan-wat the hell is...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I"m about 6 months pregnant.I'm fat.Our wedding dia is in 5 days.I hated i was going to be pregnant on my wedding dia but it was worth it.

"Duncan going over lindsay's"

"Hurry back babe!" he yelled from the back room.

"I won't" i said teasing him.

I drove to her house and opened the door to hear

"Welcome courtney tpo your bridal shower"

"Thanks guys!"

I hugged everyone there (Every gilr from tdi was there)

"Courtney i want to congrats you on this amazing night.and i want this to be the baby's first PJ"

It was a camisa that had Chris's face on it and under it,it said uncle chris.

"I amor it Chris thank...
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that night Courtney POV
when Duncan finlly fell asleep i just lade there. i was thinking about what mt mom said about me getting Pregnant if i wen out with Duncan. Duncan had a sweeet side to him. like when we were on the island with D.J. bunny. i wounder if Duncan would really do that to me or not. my mom is rong about him. then i fell asleep

the seguinte morning Duncan POV
when i woch up Courtney was still sleeping so i let her. then i hered my mom

Duncan honey im início said Duncans mom

oh coming said Duncan

when i came down my momwas still in her uniform. she and my dad are copes

wow your up erly...
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posted by XxKurusakitoXx
"Hey Princess!" Duncan who was in the bathroom getting ready, tonight he was taking Courtney to a party.
"What?" She yelled back from his living room, "Can you bring me my clothes? I left them on my bed!" He yelled once again and it made her roll her eyes,
"Seriously? How forgetful are you..." Courtney sighs as she gets up and goes into his room.

In his room were pictures of his favorito rock bands,
pictures of his family and pictures of him and Courtney. She looked onto his cama and grabbed the clothes he had stacked to wear.
She walked toward the door and knocked, "I'm leaving your clothes by...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
Just an idea from when I saw Duncan make out with Gwen, Sick! DISGUSTING!

Courtney refused to look at anyone talk to anyone, she pretty much shut down completely. Everyone death glared at Duncan and Gwen whenever they were in the room.
They honestly didn't like the CIT very much but no deserves what she got. Chris was blabing on and on about something or other.
Courtney stepped into the room and everyone gasped, her hair was dead like straw, her tanned skin not so bright, lips dry as the desert and her eyes...red, puffed and soul less.
Duncan couldn't believe his eyes, he did that to her he mange...
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Regular POV:

She put the letter down, she froze in time,
she looked him in the eye and said I know you're mine,
but he was lifeless, no pulse left,
she's the one he's suppose to grow old with.

But look, she went and dialled triple 0,
they asked so many perguntas she didn't know,
she hangs up, and calls her friend,
praying it's just a dream, it all should end.

To her it all seems so surreal,
how's she suppose to feel?
Seeing everything in life she use to have,
get carried away in a bodybag.

This is something you just can't brace for,
she's regretting in the past she never gave more,
she'd do...
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Rated M

Chapter 3: Fire

Courtney woke up with the sun shining in her face, she buried her head further into Duncan's chest to block it out. She still felt incredibly weak in the knees from what he had done to her last night. She gushed with utter delight over the things she had let him do to her.

Sure she had imagined sexual things before, but the reality of those thoughts were so much mais intense than she thought they could be, it was insane considering Duncan hadn't really done anything yet. Just thinking of last night made her wet between her legs.

"What are you thinking about?"

Courtney looked...
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Okay so about a ano atrás I posted a story called dxc my fake fiancé and was really into it. But later I lost interest feeling no one was reading. Now I see people were and the actual movie is on and I got inspired again to continue. To those who commented b4 will u forgive me for stopping the story and let me continue? I ll continue where I left off. And to those new people... If you've ever watched my fake fiancé I hope u will read my story. And if u don't know the movie watch it cuz when u c it u ll think of dxc right away! I hope to see comments so I can continue. If not I will continue anyway and hope for feedback. But still Please comment!!!!!!!!!! I really want the encouragement!
posted by 232dxc
my pov.
ok so you know that i made a mistake and preassed publicar with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i said trying to mover his hold.
"nop" said duncan pining me harder.
"if you don't let me leave then i wont help you with your math!,i said giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want you over at my parent free house to...
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were're talking a break from dxc p.o.v's today

Heather's p.o.v

finally my p.o.v no mais duncan and courtney shit

i woke up to find courtney kicking me,that bitch

me: what are you doing??

courtney: waking you up, duh.

we're in the first class room in the tdwt jet the boys aren't there.

courtney: we're here, now get up

me:was i the only one sleep???

courtney: no we all sorta woke up at different times, we left you alone 'cause we needed a brake from you and i was really kicking you for the fun of it.

*everyone walked out of the airplane*

gwen: iiiitttsss fffrrreezziinnggg

chris: thats cause we're in the...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Trent took me to red lostber and bought everything! It was amazing! When we were talking he grabbed my hand and kissed it.then he said he wanted to ask me something.He started por saying

"I like you alot and i wanted to know if...." Then he got bothered por duncan. Duncan sat down por me and started eating our comida and everything else.

Right now im on duncans motorcyle hes driving me início because trent left mad.God i hate him!

"So princess what are you doing for the rest of the night?"

"Im going início and im going to sleep!" i said hitting him in the head.

"Princess we need to talk.....about us"

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 Courtney's Dress :D
Courtney's Dress :D
Well, hi there...long time no seee!!! :D lol. sorry I haven't written in a while...been busy on fanfiction doing House of Night stuff...
BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I DO NOT amor DXC ANY LESS! I still amor them with a hardcore bloody passion<3
So, with that hardcore bloody passion, this story will be made. Thanks and enjoy, mi amors<3


Courtney's POV:

"Bridgette! Can you please stop making out with Geoff for two seconds to talk to me?!" I spat at my 'best friend' on the plane ride back to the abandoned film lot.

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