drewjoana <3 Best Female Performances on a TV Series. (Coming seguinte best male performances.)

drewjoana posted on Aug 08, 2014 at 10:04PM
Publish your favorites here.
Here are mines (Drama Ones).

1. Claire Danes on Homeland // Because there is no better actress on tv that captures an CIA Officer better than her. She is passionate, beautiful and strong. She is just not affraid to follow her heart. Deals with her bipolar side in desastrous way too!

2. Mireille Enos on The Killing // She doen´t play a flashy character, she is simple and dedicated, still as an enourmous heart. Also she suffers in silence. Very powerful!

3. Laura Linney on The Big C // For her joy on playing a cancer mother role. She was a great vision on how to fight cancer with some humour!

4. Jennifer Garner on Alias // She is a kickass woman, went through everything and everyone without loosing grace.

5. Billie Piper on Doctor Who //To me she was the eternal Doctor Who lover and companion. She was funny, brave and gracious facing her destiny.

Publish as much choises as you feel like and if you can add your reasons for liking each character!

 publicar your favoritos here. Here are mines (Drama Ones). 1. Claire Danes on Homeland // Becaus
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over a year ago smile19 said…
1. Missy Peregrym on Rookie Blue

2. Rachel Nichols on Continuum

3. Emily VanCamp on Revenge
over a year ago drewjoana said…
Great choises, Emily VanCamp is quite good on Revenge!
over a year ago drewjoana said…
Joy (Smile19) add your reasons for your choices!
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over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
1. Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries: playing two completely different characters, the selfless, kind-hearted, loving Elena Gilbert, who I worship, and the bitch Katherine who I totally hate. Her breakdown in season 4 was worthy of a freaking Emmy-award.

2. Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black: she's playing all these different characters, and she plays them all so well.

3. Annie Parisse in The Following: Granted, she was only in 14 episodes, but the little bit of backstory we got, was really inspiring.
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over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
Here's my top 5 favorites but not in any particular order!

1. Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries: I think she's done a wonderful job of not only portraying Elena or Katherine in their doppelganger roles and keeping them so completely different from each other but the times when she's even had to play Elena pretending to be Katherine and vice-versa, its like she creates more versions of the characters and I'm just amazed at how she does it! Not to mention her 3rd role as Amara, another doppelganger was magnificently done in season 5 too!!! And each time her character changes from human to vampire to a vampire without emotions and so on, its like a new version is born because they're all so unique!

2. Stana Katic on Castle: She's definitely one of the leading female roles that I believe is quite strong and throughout the last 6 seasons we've seen her go through every up and down in her life as being a cop, her best performances have come with the emotionally challenging sequences which can really tug at your heartstrings and its just great to see her go through these different facets of her character!

3. Emily Bett Rickards on Arrow: What was initially supposed to be a single episode guest-starring role for her on Arrow in season 1 turned out to be such a natural, down-to-earth and really clever character portrayal of Felicity Smoak, IT Girl that she ended up becoming a series regular in no time and even won the hearts of every fan out there including mine! From that first scene with Oliver Queen and that head tilt up until the season 2 finale, Emily brings about a freshness of a strong female character in her own way to a usually 'male superhero' kind of group and while she's been the brains of this show, there's never a moment when she won't hesitate to go out in the field to do some fighting of her own and I admire that about her!

4. Chloe Bennet on Agents of SHIELD: This show is only one season old and there has been some criticisms about the character of Skye but I think that Chloe has managed to take all the potential she has and give her 100% to this role and you definitely see her going through the development as the season progresses, she goes from a hacker to a fighter to someone who stands up for herself and what she believes is right, even questioning the system and realizing that no matter what happens, as long as she sticks with the people who she trusts in then they can all help save the world, super-powered or not!!!

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: My first ever favorite female heroine I remember watching when I was a kid! She was the first vampire slayer on tv that I ever saw and she was definitely kickass in the role!!! What else is there to say?
 Here's my topo, início 5 favoritos but not in any particular order! 1. Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries:
over a year ago Laisalves8 said…
1. Erica Durance in Smallville and Saving Hope(Since Erica arrived in SV I could see how amazing she is,she bring a whole new world to the series doing such an epic character like Lois Lane and the chemistry she had with Tom was awesome.Her character in SH is a strong woman and she is the reason I watch).

2. Stana Katic in Castle(I know that the show doesn't have her name,but is impossible not to falling in love with her character and all the charisma that such a great actress as her bring to the show.Where is her Emmy?If Castle was in a different network,she would totally have it).

3. Jennifer Garner in Alias(A real kick ass woman as a character and in real life.Jennifer is an amazing actress and she was the reason why Alias was one of the best shows on TV ever.She rocked in every single scene,especially every time she had to confront her mom).

4. Anna Torv in Fringe(I find her job in the show one of the best since the Pilot,but when the other Olivia show up,I could see more than never the great actress she is.Acted with yourself and make the audience thinks that are two completely different people is nothing but amazing).

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy(A lot of people doens't think that she is a good actress,but I totally disagree and I think she is one of the best of her generation)
over a year ago Natalie_Singer said…
Okay... My favourites:

1. Billie Piper /Doctor Who/
2. Eve Myles /Torchwood/
3. Anna Torv /Fringe/
4. Gillian Anderson /The X Files/

Great actresses, great characters :) I can't imagine Doctor Who without Rose, can't imagine Torchwood without Gwen. And Olivia, and Dana... does it need saying? :)
Of course my list is based on my own favorites but also on opinions of professionals: for example, Gillian won Golden Globe (and another 20 wins / 58 nominations), Billie - 6 wins and 5 nominations, Eve - 2 wins and 8 nominations, Anna - 4 wins and 8 nominations.
over a year ago drewjoana said…
Great! Your list is fantastic, you know how much I adore Billie and Eve. Also Anna Torv is fenomenal!
 Great! Your list is fantastic, you know how much I adore Billie and Eve. Also Anna Torv is fenomenal!
over a year ago flowerdrop said…
1. Shannen Doherty in Charmed as Prudence "Prue" Halliwell (but i think the same for Alyssa, Holly Marie and Rose too)
She always stayed herself. The bravest and most powerful of the four sisters, she had to fight hard to get on top. I love all of Charmed Ones.

2. Kat Graham in The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie Bennett
She is selfless, courageous, and powerful. I think Bonnie is the true hero in TVD, she sacrifice her own happiness for everyone else.

3. Sophia Bush in One Tree Hill as Brooke Davis
Brooke grows from a wild girl to a more mature and grounded young woman. There are so many things to admire and respect about her.

4. Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf
She is truly the Queen Bee. Blair works for everything she's ever gotten. And despite her snobbish ways, she is a good friend and constantly looks out for those she cares about.

5. Pauley Perrette in NCIS as Abigail "Abby" Sciuto
Abby described in three words: “gothic” “cheerful” and “brilliant.” She is very optimistic, and confident in her skills and knowledge. No one could play her better than Pauley Perrette.

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drewjoana commented…
I think Abby from ncis is such a great character! over a year ago
over a year ago Dudespie said…
1. Sarah Chalke on Scrubs <3
2. Billie Piper on Doctor Who ;)
3. Alyssa Milano in My Name is Earl
4. Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother
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over a year ago marlanido said…
1. Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black
2. Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries
3. All the actresses (I can't choose one) on Orange is the New Black

After that its really hard to choose there are so many amazing women on tv.
over a year ago drewjoana said…
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