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Doodletones is youtube commentator who is very talented, cute, and fun.

First Discovering Doodletones: I found out about Doodletones, because of Rion "Rhino" Mills' commentary on her. Even though Rion didn't like Doodletones' commentary on Comment Jack I enjoyed her video. I probably liked her video considering she used Cream-chan for her avatar and defended Benthelooney. Because I enjoyed her Comment Jack video I decided to check out her other commentaries.

Why is Doodletones Great?: She is por far 1 of the most entertaining people in the Commentary Community. She's really good at explaining...
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Doodletones said "I feel like getting a car. That's it. I'm going to buy a car." Doodletones went to a car place.

The salesman said "See anything you like?"

Doodletones said "Well yes, but do you have any cars that are a reasonable price?"

The salesman said "Mam please don't be concerned about prices. These cars are all well priced."

The manager said "That is for sure."

Doodletones said "That's your biased opinion. Do you have any cheap cars?"

The salesman said "Fine. This car. It's on sale for 2,000 dollars."

Doodletones said "Fine. I'll buy it."

The salesman said "Great choice."

The manager...
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Doodletones said "I had a great dia making a commentary, but it's time for me to get some sleep. Hold on. I hear lots of noise. The people that live seguinte door are making so much noise."

Doodletones went to her seguinte door neighbors. Doodletones said "Please open your house door."

Seth Logan said "Hi. I'm Seth Logan and this is my best buddy, Zac Frons"

Doodletones said "I'm your seguinte door neighbor."

Zac Frons said "Can we help you?"

Doodletones said "Please stop making lots of noise. I've been trying to sleep, but you 2 guys keep me awake."

Seth Logan said "We're working on Neighbors 3: The Third...
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Doodletones said "Well I better make my seguinte commentary. Hold on. There's the great and powerful Rion. He's with some guy. I better find out what's going on."

The guy Rion "Rhino" Mills was with is a robber. The robber said "Rion don't make the commentaries."

Rion "Rhino" Mills said "Help me."

Doodletones said "What's going on?"

The robber said "Rion found some delightfully terrible vídeos that will be good to do commentaries on. I'm trying to stop Rion from commentating on those vídeos before I do so I can become the most popular commentator of all time."

Doodletones said "You're threatening...
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Doodletones saw a cruise ship and said "I'd amor to be a ship captain. It seems like so much fun."

A ship captain said "I quit my job."

The ship captain's boss said "Why?"

The ship captain said "For a plot convenience."

The boss said "Is there any ship captains around?"

Doodletones jokingly said "I'm a ship captain."

The boss said "Good. You're hired. The cruise ship leaves in a half hora so you better hurry."

Doodletones said "I can't believe he thinks that I'm a ship captain. What should I do? I'll become a ship captain."

Doodletones got on the cruise ship and said "Hi. passengers. I'm Captain...
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Doodletones was walking around feeling bored. She said "I wanna do something fun and dangerous. Oh. There's Dirtbikeredden. I better find out what he's doing. What's up Redden?"

Dirtbikeredden said "I'm mad!"

Doodletones said "What's wrong?"

Dirtbikeredden said "I ordered a red dirt bike, but I got sent a purple dirt bike. I'm going to break this dirt bike."

Doodletones said "Hold on there. If you're going to get rid of it you should give it to me."

Dirtbikeredden said "Doodletones have you ever used a dirt bike?"

Doodletones said "No."

Dirtbikeredden said "Good. Take the purple dirt bike."...
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posted by Windrises
Doodletones is a female youtube commentator who started releasing commentaries in late 2015 who used avatars like Cream the rabbit from Sonic the hedgehog and the main girl from K-On!.

Doodletones is a great commentator. She knows how to be both informative and funny. Her commentaries are really good and I highly recommend her. She even managed to make a quality commentary about Benthelooney.

Rion "Rhino" Mills did a commentary on her which is how I found out about her. Oddly enough she appeared in Rion "Rhino" Mills' seguinte commentary helping him out with a commentary. It's weird how life works. Anyways I highly recommend Doodletones.