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bendaimmortal posted on Nov 18, 2010 at 04:15AM
I was surprised not to find a spot for Don Rosa's Scrooge or even for Don Rosa himself in general... So I made this.

Because to me the Disney universe and Scrooge himself would be missing so much heart without Don's Scrooge and his version of the story and persona. As some writers make Scrooge into a totally heartless and dishonest bastard and I HATE it. Especially the dishonest part. I can take it that some people don't want him to be a family person like Don's Scrooge but that some make him actually gain more money by illegal actions and dirty play! That is something I can't imagine any Scrooge ever doing. I just don't regognize the person as Scrooge in those stories - my brain just won't register it.

And I wasn't introduced to Scrooge by Don Rosa who deepend the original Barks's version by digging into it with his own stories, but by Carl Barks himself and my appreciation goes to him too as without him we wouldn't have Scrooge's character at all and we wouldn't have Don Rosa's stories based on the information Barks gave about his life, so perhaps my opinion isn't all that biased either. Oh, and I know the story where Barks/Rosa Scrooge burns the village... but the point is that at least to Rosa's version it was pretty much the only time he went down that road and regretted ever doing so ever since. Hence, it's not the man he truly is.

I guess I like Don Rosa's version the best because he follows Barks's storyline the most faithfully and adds to it, and gave it much more depth than most I know of. But then again, most others don't go for the continuity style.

I'm also fully aware Don Rosa isn't the only one who portrays a Scrooge with a heart and honest mind but his is certainly the most colourful, emotionally richest and interesting version, in my opinion. Not to mention how his stories are filled with hilarious details of all kinds.

I love pretty much all Don Rosa's Donald Duck stories that I've read but those about Scrooge or related to Scrooge are absolutely the best. My favorite stories being "Letter from Home", "Prisoner of White Agony Creek", "Hearts of Yukon" and "Dream of A Lifetime". Yeah, you can tell I love Scrooge and Goldie and their love story to bits. <3

I hope people join, and contribute to this spot and that everyone has fun. (:

Thank you for reading! :]
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