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wrinklebutt posted on Mar 05, 2010 at 08:24PM
I have had a lot of time to think about this and i think the chicks got cheated. many people say how they feel and no one gets upset but as soon as the chicks voiced there opinion they got shit on....only because they are famous. i totally disagree with that . if we little people can say what we think so can they.i truly believe thousands of american agreed with them ...so i hope those who agreed with them STOOD up for them throughout this mess.. I think they should come back to us

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over a year ago chixrule said…
It's more than that - the problem is the passivity shown by liberals in general as compared to the fanatical political extremism shown by the right wing. What Natalie said about Bush was tame compared to what right winger Dennis Miller has said about President Obama. But have you heard of any attacks upon him? Peter Fonda called the president a ''traitor''. Where are the howls of protest from liberals and Democrats? Recently, pro wrestler Jerry 'the King' Lawler said the president has never spoken a word of truth in his life. Again, where are the protests? Why haven't threats been made against these people who insulted the president? Where are the boycotts? Why all this passivity and cowardice???

Yes, the Chicks were cheated. But this was done not so much by the right wing, but by the cowardice, passivity, and lack of action on the part of the liberals, moderates, and Democrats.