disney princesas Which princess is the most admirable?

Pick one:
Snow White-kept up a good attitude even though her stepmom wanted to kill her!
Cinderella-was loyal to her family & never lost hope even though they abused her
Mulan-went to war for her father at the risk of execution or death
Pocahontas-willing to die for John & sacrificed their amor to stay w/her family
Aurora-willing to be a princess even if it meant sacrificing being with Phillip
Ariel-gave up her mermaidness & voice just to try to win Eric, all w/in 3 days!
Jasmine-loved aladdin whether he was royal or not, it didn't matter to her
Belle-took her father's place & fell in amor with the Beast before he was human
 princesslullaby posted over a year ago
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