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 disney Princess line up
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Here are all of the disney Girls posing por themselves that you can use to make your own disney Princess line-up
beauty & the beast
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This isn't in order of what I like, this is the order they are shown in the movie.

1. The Rags
Am I the only one who likes this? I think it's cute how she is showing off her dress like she thinks it looks good. Of course it looks ridiculous when it's all bunched up, but after it smooths out, I think it's pretty. White is probably the best color on Ariel (besides her green fishtail and purple seashells). I wouldn't like it as clothing, but it's the first thing she wears, and only for a few minutes, I think it looks good on her.

2. The rosa, -de-rosa Dress
Of course this one clashes with her hair. But I...
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It's been over a ano since I last wrote this artigo so here's an updated list with Anna and Elsa included

12. Jasmine

Like I did in my anterior artigos I decided to seperate jasmim and mulan because even though Lea Salonga did both their cantar voices they're different enough to seperate. Anyway I've never been a fã of Jasmine's cantar voice, it's too papoula, papoila for my taste

11. Belle

Another voice I've never been a big fã of although I'm starting to like her voice a little more, but it's still not a very pretty cantar voice to me and the voice is too old for Belle

10. Ariel
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Mulan, Pocahontas, and Merida have been best friends since the dia they met. They loved everything about each other. Their worlds, their homelands, their cultures, their personalities, every single thing in the book. These 3 girls were crazy about each other. Whenever they didn't get together, they'd write to each other just to see how they were doing. There was only one thing wrong. Shang HATED Merida.

Merida and mulan didn't know why he hated her. Only Shang himself knew why he hated her-it was because of her rebellious actions. He didn't let mulan know that, though. That was the last thing...
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