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The colina was so wonderful that Rose Red felt sad over leaving them, but she was ready to see the castle.

The castelo was so big and beautiful and was located close to the sea and was high up the mountains.

They went inside and after a while Rose Red discoverd a mirror and asked her mother about the mirror because she thought that she saw a face in it.
"It's a magic mirror, you can ask anything and it will you the answer, but when I lived here there I lived with my stepmother and she used the mirror to ask who the fairest one of all was and usually it said that she was, but one dia it said that I was the fairest and since my stepmother was vain she didn't want anyone else to be mais fair than she so she sended a huntsman to kill me, but he didn't, he told me to run into the forest and never return, there I met some animais and they led me to the cottage we passed por before and they protected me from my stepmother until one dia when she came dressed as an old hag and gave me a poisned maçã, apple that made me fall into a deep sleep, but I was awaken por your father, he kissed me and he took me to the castelo we live in now", Snow White told Rose Red.

But suddenly Rose Red felt like someone grabbed her and then she was taken away from her mother, but her mother was gone, but she rememberd why she had gone, because there was someone living here.

At first Rose Red thought that she would be taken to prison, but instead she was forced into wearing rags and now she had to work very hard, but who could do something so terrible to her? None other than a queen who had found the castelo when Rose Red was born and she was very vain, but Rose Red didn't knew it.

Meanwhile Snow White discoverd that her daughter was gone and started to procurar around the castle, but gave up when she couldn't find her and returned to the castelo with tears in her eyes.

One dia when Rose Red did her chores a prince rode by, he was almost Rose Red's age and looked very handsome. He climbed over the mural and saw the beautiful Rose Red and suddenly she discoverd him.
"What are you doing here", she asked him looking unimpressed por his entrance.
"I rode por the castelo when I heard a beautiful voice that seemed to belong to you", the prince answered.
"Why are all princes falling for a girl's voice instead of the personality, but I don't mind the fact that my father fell for my mother's voice because they're my parents", Rose Red thought for herself.
"Could you please leave, your making me angry, if you don't leave then you'll go to prison because there's someone living here and you've just broke the rule about entering someone else's house", Rose Red said red as a tomate in the face.
"Okay I'll leave, but can we see each other again soon", the prince said.
"Hm, maybe if you can tell me your name", Rose Red said.
"My name is Harold", the prince answered.
"Nice name, well okay we can see each other again, but promise me that you'll never again breaks into this castelo again", Rose Red said.
"Okay, I'll promise", Harold answered.

Rose Red continued with her chores, but with a dreamy look for she had found the perfect prince, but he was a criminal, but there was something in his personality and the fact that he was quite handsome that made Rose Red amor him.

That night she dreamt of him and the seguinte morning the queen awoke her and told her that today she was going to the forest with one of her servants and Rose Red couldn't help but scream out of joy for she had never been outside the castelo for ages.

When Rose Red and the servant came to the forest Rose Red picked a pair of flores for the queen for the fact that she finally was outside the castle, but suddenly she saw a little bird that looked like it was lost or something. She tried to help the little bird to find the parents and very soon they saw two bigger birds flying around that looked like it could be the bird's parents and the bird flew away.

Then she discoverd that the servant was trying to kill her so she told him:
"I know that you're trying to kill me, I may not know the reason to why, but I'm going to run away and never return to here".
"The reason to why was because the queen sent me to do it, she's very vain and doesn't want anyone to be mais beautiful than she is", the servant told her.

With the reason cleared up Rose Red ran through the same forest that she and her mother had walked in years ago, but now it looked like the one she had in her nightmare years ago, it was filled with glowing eyes that came from the dark, trees with throny hands, logs that looked like alligators and more. Rose Red was so terrified that when she couldn't take anymore she fell down to the ground and began to cry.

After a while she looked up and decided to stay in the cottage that her mother had stayed in before and she knew where it was.

When she arrived she waited until the owner's came início so that she didn't felt uninvited for she knew that breaking into the house meant prison for her, but she knew that the law was new because when her mother was her age the law didn't excist and her mother just broke into the house, but Rose Red wasn't impatient and luckily the owner's came início after just a few minutos and they wheren't surprised to see Rose Red because they knew that she was the daughter of Snow White and they had seen her when she was very young and now she was a beautiful 18 ano old young woman.

They went inside and Rose Red started to cook comida for them and she told them to wash their hands before jantar just like her mother did, but this time all the dwarfs went outside and when they where done they sat down and Rose Red started to explain what had happened to her after their last meeting.

After jantar they danced and had fun, Rose Red had learnt how to dance from her mother who had been a great dancer and was still a great dancer. But then she decided to tell them about Harold, the prince that she met when she worked in the castle.
"Even though he was a criminal because he broke into the castelo I still amor him, he's very handsome", she told the dwarfs.

After that they went up to the bedroom and Rose Red tried to guess each of their names without leitura the names on the beds, but it wasn't easy though she still managed to guess a few of them.
"Hm, you're Doc", she said pointing at the dwarf with the glasses and so she continued with the rest of them.
"You're Bashful and you're Sleepy and you're Sneezy and you're Happy and you're Dopey and then you must be Grumpy", she said and she guessed right on all of them.

Then Rose Red went downstairs to sleep on the same cama that she had seen when she had visited the cottage with her mother and fell asleep.

(End of Part 2)
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