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Common Talents
These are the best known talents in Pixie Hollow.

Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans Talents, sometimes called Tinker Fairies, fix everything in Pixie Hollow using a strange array of tools.

Tinker Talents are curious, amor metallic as cores and use their magic to aid in the repair of the pots and pans of Pixie Hollow. Pots and Pans faeries do not just fix things, they also invent, and create special tools to help the Nature fadas on the Mainland.

Notable Pots and Pans Talents
* Tinker Bell
* Angus
* Fairy Mary
* Clank
* Bobble
* Zuzu


Although Mother pomba is dear to all who live...
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gamo, fawn isn't the fastest flier, but she can't be beat at tag.
Fawn's frog team is all about winning -- OK, and also about eating tasty flies.
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