DewClan Calling All Members Of DewClan!

orkneymatrix posted on May 27, 2010 at 06:52PM
Cats of DewClan here are your allegiances!

Dewstar(orkneymatrix)a blue grey she-cat with white splotches and pale blue gleaming eyes.[7 lives left]
Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Olivestone- a ginger tabby tom with fierce green eyes.

Alpha Warrior
Hazeleyes(Rainsky57)a gentle ginger she-cat with hazel coloured eyes.
Apprentice: Silverpaw

Medicine Cat
Dawnbreeze(Dovemoon)a white she-cat with silver patches that are outlined in fiery orange and bright green eyes.

Poppyleaf- a gentle long haired red she-cat with brown eyes that are almost black.
Apprentice: Mousepaw
Icetree- a white tom with deep green eyes.
Shiningclaw- a sleek grey tom with sharp ice blue eyes.
Apprentice: Treepaw
Starfire- a gleaming amber she-cat with soft brown eyes and a limp.
Apprentice: Willowpaw
Pricklepelt- an unusually spotted tom with amber eyes.
Redpelt- a red tom with amber eyes.
Apprentice: Swallowpaw
Hollytail(codyxgwen101)a long haired sleek black she-cat with delicate green eyes.
Apprentice: Sorrowpaw
Goldeye(hellomia)a orange she-cat that shines when the sun hits it with golden eyes.
Nightstorm(silverstream101)a black she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice: Dovepaw
Ashfang(moonglow123)a handsome long-furred fluffy dark grey tom with yellow-amber eyes.[Ivyflight's mate]
Raintalon(moonglow123)a silver tom with black stripes and a white muzzle, chest, paws and tail-tip.
Windshadow(moonglow123)a silver tom with black stripes in weird swirls.
Ivyflight- a pretty tortoiseshell and black white she-cat.[Ashfang's mate]

Willowpaw(jbinthehouse)a brown she-cat with wise amber eyes.
Treepaw- a brown tom with emerald green eyes.
Swiftpaw- a silver she-cat with crystal clear eyes.
Silverpaw- a silver she-cat with crystal clear eyes.
Sorrowpaw- a silver tabby tom with crystal clear eyes.
Swallowpaw(jbinthehouse)a silver tabby tom with darker streaks along his back with crystal clear eyes.
Mousepaw(Mousefang)a small injured she-cat with an amber pelt and brown eyes.
Dovepaw(arcaninegal123)a silver she-cat with stripes and blue eyes.

Triggerfoot- a ginger she-cat with brown, almost black eyes.
Voleear- a brown scruffy she-cat with amber eyes.

Leaffall- a grumpy tom with a silver stained pelt and grotty emerald eyes.
Hillfall- a kind-hearted tom with a sleek silver pelt and clear emerald eyes.

Triggerfoot's litter
Tigerkit- an amber tabby tom with amber, almost red eyes.
Poolkit- a pale blue she-cat with gentle ice cold eyes.
Featherkit- a pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes.
Nightkit(warrior_kit14)a pitch black tom with devious dark brown eyes.
Voleear's litter
Grasskit- a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest and white paws and green eyes.
Risingkit- a red she-cat with a big busy tail and amber eyes.
Stormkit- a misty blue grey she-cat with one white paw and amber eyes.
Ivyflight's litter
Hawkkit- a golden-brown coloured tom with black stripes
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