demi lovato Demi Lovato Outfit Contest ~ Last Round CLOSED ~ Tell me in the Contest should I set mais rounds or should I close the contest 4Ever

nevenkastar posted on Aug 17, 2011 at 05:07PM
This is my first Demi contest!!I love her so much and i wanted to make a contest about her so here it is!!

1st - 5 props
2nd - 4 props
3rt - 3 props

Rules: No copying!!

Round 1: Demi in a red dress
Round 2: Demi in a green dress
Round 3: Demi in a black dress
Round 4: Demi in a white dress
Round 5: Demi in a pink dress
Round 6: Demi in a yellow dress
Round 7: Demi in a purple dress
Round 8: Demi in a grey dress
Round 9: Demi in a blue dress
Round 10: Demi with short hair
Round 11: Demi with long hair
Round 12: Demi with straight hair
Round 13: Demi in heels
Round 14: Demi with curls
Round 15: Demi in sneakers
Round 16: Demi with Hoodie
Round 17: Demi in a gown
Round 18: Demi in a Black & White Photo
Round 19: Demi in a bikini
Round 20: Demi with Miley Cyrus
Round 21: Demi with Selena Gomez
Round 22: Demi with Taylor Swift
Round 23: Demi with The Jonas Brothers
Round 24: Demi with an animal
Round 25: Your favorite Demi Lovato Photo
I wont set the winners for this round but I wil give each one of the pople that posted a photo 2 props!

Here are my Other Contests!!
Please post a photo here too!!

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