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New Banner and ícone fórum - CLOSED  flowerdrop 5 7163 over a year ago
DEMI Fanmade Single Covers Contest - *Round 1 OPEN*  demi--the--best 2 4716 over a year ago
Confident FanMade Single Covers Contest - *Round 1 OPEN*  demi--the--best 3 5726 over a year ago
❣️ Huge Demi Lovato Contest ❣️  Sundaegirl32 25 6789 over a year ago
♥ deмι lovαтo ιcoɴ coɴтeѕт ♥ roυɴd 5- opeɴ!  GummyBears_11 49 10099 over a year ago
What are your topo, início 5 songs por Demi Lovato? (or feat. Demi Lovato)  Sassl 1 3295 over a year ago
Percentage possibility of marrying Demi Lovato?  Pzink3 0 3234 over a year ago
lovatic boy  ofektz 1 3053 over a year ago
Demi Lovato ~ Guess The Song Game  brileyforever77 87 11044 over a year ago
Does anyone know a way that I can contact Demi?  AnnaLovato 0 2960 over a year ago
WHO IS THE BIGGEST fã OF DEMI???  maklindsay 4 3949 over a year ago
DEMETRIA DEVONNE DEMI LOVATO  Lovaticc 0 2782 over a year ago
Demi Lovato in Championship Final!  insomniatic78 0 2463 over a year ago
amor you demi  cassiab 0 2683 over a year ago
you are my hero!!!  jazzy_14 1 2906 over a year ago
Demi plz call me.  kiera1276 0 2890 over a year ago
Lovatic Contest! <3  ImUnbroken 5 5466 over a year ago
We amor Demi because...  Any_SJ 6 5329 over a year ago
*New* Demi Lovato ícone Contest, Round 2 - OPEN  Nicky23 11 3874 over a year ago
Demi Lovato best pic contest Round 10 (Open)  mkdemi01 131 29529 over a year ago
Twitter  weirdwallflower 0 4274 over a year ago
coração Attack Cover  AmeyDoodle 1 4333 over a year ago
favorito Demi dress? post a pic! Prizes given.  ImUnbroken 1 3080 over a year ago
HUGE Demi contest  ImUnbroken 12 3711 over a year ago
demi lovato contest round  katrina2728 1 2633 over a year ago
Demi Pic Contest  cl411 3 3185 over a year ago
coração Attack: fã Edition música Video  timmy1994 0 2278 over a year ago
Mistake (Error)  Soci 0 2619 over a year ago
demi lovato  dardoorytata 0 2202 over a year ago
***Demi Lovato contest Round 19***  Aurora_star 165 32984 over a year ago
}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Demi Lovato {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ all kinds of pics contest  thefan123 6 5669 over a year ago
★❤★❤Demi Lovato Picture Contest!!❤★❤★  puja43 47 17272 over a year ago
heyyy demi fans, do u have demi real instagram user name ??????? thx <3<3<3  aiden1992 0 4508 over a year ago
A Walk Through The Life Of Demi Lovato  krisy04 0 2791 over a year ago
How Demi started her career  krisy04 0 2671 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Picture Hunt Game  3xZ 31 10594 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Pics Contest(Round 44 Open)  Bunnyboo21 297 63989 over a year ago
Cher Lloyd's thoughts on Demi and the other X-Factor judges! CHECK IT OUT!  katylove20 0 3869 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Ico  saraochoa 4 4319 over a year ago
#Demi Lovato Pics Contest# ***Round 9 Open***(its a big contest)  smartmileycyrus 121 17969 over a year ago
pic contest  cl411 49 8641 over a year ago
Last ROUND 7 if you win you get 40 props  angelbell619 69 9716 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Contest (Round 3)  felicia_rena 26 13637 over a year ago
Theme #4 Entries [Closed]  Dada 106 12878 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Songs Tournament *Voting*  demi--the--best 23 7074 over a year ago
FanMade Single Covers Contest! *Round 34 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 271 39075 over a year ago
Unbroken Album Contest  Socool2678 9 2446 over a year ago
DEMI LOVATO CONTEST (5th round open)  tsfan13 65 9330 over a year ago
♥Reality Meets Demi ícone Contest♥(Round 4)  mileysmartcyrus 61 10788 over a year ago
**Demi Lovato** ícone Challenge  ChiffaniChan 10 2462 over a year ago
[OFFICIAL] New Spot Look Change! *Open*  TVD_rocks 101 10676 over a year ago
contest  halobunny619 15 2883 over a year ago
Demi Lovato contest Round 4  euterpa09 36 6479 over a year ago
DeMi LoVaTo RaNdOm CoNtEsT  jenny_23 129 16801 over a year ago
rap artist from CT sings "wouldnt change a thing"  myleerose 0 2765 over a year ago
DEMI LOVATO T-SHIRTS <3  jimenaaguilar 0 4408 over a year ago
Contessssssst  angelbell619 5 4505 over a year ago
Free Music(off topic)  GospelRapper 0 1911 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Outfit Contest ~ Last Round CLOSED ~ Tell me in the Contest should I set mais rounds or should I close the contest 4Ever  nevenkastar 215 31118 over a year ago
Demi Lovato ícone Contest - *Round 29 CLOSED*  LUNAFAN 68 11279 over a year ago
Countdown to 20000 fãs  demi--the--best 22 4502 over a year ago
Demi Lovato fotografia Contest: [Round One]  btrluver1 7 2526 over a year ago
favorito Lyric Contest - *Round 17 OPEN*  Dada 73 10041 over a year ago
Demi Lovato 20in20 ícone Challenge - *TEMPORARILY CLOSED*  Anichu90v2 297 26753 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Big Contest!!  AlexandraKelly 38 5826 over a year ago
demi lovato round one conestttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  angelbell619 11 4130 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Contest....The End...  beautyangel96 21 5823 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Picture Hunt Game!! :D  bubbles4u22 70 14470 over a year ago
My Demi Lovato Contest!!  AlexandraKelly 0 2127 over a year ago
música vídeos Screencaps Contest - *CLOSED UNTIL DEMI'S FUTURE música VIDEO*  Anichu90v2 139 13739 over a year ago
TODAY IS DEMI'S BIRTHDAY  maritina12345 0 2409 over a year ago
TODAY IS DEMI'S BIRTHDAY  maritina12345 0 2858 over a year ago
New Demi Lovato fã site  SoCelebrities 1 1832 over a year ago
Blonde Or Brunette?  maritina12345 0 3230 over a year ago
DEMI ícone COMPETITION  Anichu90 8 3205 over a year ago
Demi's new single Skyscraper!!  Katy_cullen 0 2014 over a year ago
how to watch Demi Lovato online?  rojaerstakes 0 1707 over a year ago
oi guys it's the REAL Demi! :)  ddlovatoooo 12 2491 over a year ago
My Life According to Demi Lovato  bubbles4u22 2 2038 over a year ago
favorito Picture of Demi Lovato?  KeshaKeshaKesha 2 3048 over a year ago
oi guys it's Demi!  ItsDemiLovato 131 19845 over a year ago
WHATS UR FAVE LYRIC (Round 1 CLOSED)  Ashleigh23 7 1840 over a year ago
Demi Lovato leaving "Sonny With a Chance  nakrul 1 1754 over a year ago
do you want to be famous  Rioxoxo 9 2528 over a year ago
Whats Ur Fave Lyric Comments  Ashleigh23 0 1980 over a year ago
Black hair vs. Blonde hair  skyhudge 9 12081 over a year ago
Demi Lovato Lyrics Game  bubbles4u22 27 5805 over a year ago
CALLING ALL DEMI FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  vhudgens1fan 6 2754 over a year ago
DEMI LOVATO WISH GAME  Ashleigh23 6 2353 over a year ago
DEMI ícone COMPETITION *CLOSED*  Anichu90v2 209 20863 over a year ago
Number 1 Fan? *CONTEST OPENED*  zanesaaomgfan 2 2304 over a year ago
fã of the mês (April)  bubbles4u22 5 1866 over a year ago
The Jonas Brothers Wish Demi The Best Of Luck!  logan789 0 2129 over a year ago
Time for a new theme *CURRENTLY CLOSED* (banner & ícone official thread)  Dada 50 11616 over a year ago
Guess the lyric  bubbles4u22 1 1250 over a year ago
Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez aren't BFF's anymore! :(  kween97 7 1836 over a year ago
Countdown to 15000 fãs  Selena_01 69 3716 over a year ago
Favourite Lyric contest - *CLOSED*  Anichu90v2 74 6891 over a year ago
New Demi Fansite!  gymkhanaJunkie 4 2135 over a year ago
gosip club  Rioxoxo 2 2174 over a year ago